⚔️ Axie Arena Season 17 is live!

Expanded Leaderboard + Balancing Update!

We’re delighted to kick off Season 17 of the Axie Infinity Alpha!

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Our season structure rewards you for climbing the leaderboard with boosted SLP drops and juicy AXS prizes. Due to our expanding user-base and Ronin allowing for gas-free claiming, we’ve expanded the AXS leaderboard rewards to the top 300 players. You can see the new distribution below:

Now that Ronin phase 2 is here, we’ve decided to release a larger balancing patch. This will expand the meta and give you new goals to breed towards!

Please remember that battle Axies are subject to shifting stats and adjustments. If you want to collect Axies with value not subject to shifting metas, you should look at Mystic, Origin, MEO, Holiday, and Japanese Axies which have capped supplies. Battles V2 will also represent a huge shift in how battles work. What’s strong now may be less strong in the future (and vice versa!).

See you in the arena!


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