⚔️ Axie Arena Season 18!

AXS Rewards + Economic Adjustments

Key Points

  • PVP season 18 is live with over 200,000 USD worth of AXS rewards!

  • Season 18 will be 50% longer than previous seasons and reward the top 1,000 players on the leaderboard.

  • We’ve adjusted SLP earning mechanisms by halving the SLP cap for adventure mode to 50 SLP, halving the daily quest completion bonus to 25 SLP, and making SLP rewards for PVP scale faster at higher ratings.

We’re delighted to kick off Season 18 of the Axie Infinity Alpha!

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Our season structure rewards you for climbing the leaderboard with boosted SLP drops and juicy AXS prizes. With AXS at around 40 USD, the seasonal rewards are over 200,000 USD! Due to our expanding user-base, we’ve expanded the AXS leaderboard rewards to the top 1,000 players. We’ve also increased the length of the season by 2 additional weeks. You can see the new distribution below:

🏦 Economic Adjustments

We’ve made some adjustments to the way SLP is earned in game.

• We’ve halved the amount of SLP an account can earn in PVE each day from 100 to 50.

• The reward for completing the daily quest has been halved from 50 to 25.

• PVP SLP rewards now increase at a steeper rate as a trainer’s rating improves.

These changes have been made with the long term health of the ecosystem in mind. Recently, the amount of SLP minted compared to the amount burned has been imbalanced.

In addition, many bots have started to abuse PVE since cards can be mindlessly played to complete most PVE levels.

⚔️ Arena For All

These changes will encourage trainers to push their mastery of the arena and ensure everyone is battling against competitors near their skill level.

By increasing arena rewards for skilled PVP play, great trainers will push their rankings as high as possible. The current system discourages this. When good battlers aren’t incentivized to try and increase their rating, many of them stay back at low levels to farm “noobs”. This makes the game less fun for everyone. It also means that new players have a hard time earning SLP from arena. The arena should be for everyone in our community, and we believe these changes will help ensure this.

As more casual players enter the arena and skilled players push their ratings, arena will become more fun for casual players. More casual players queuing will allow these new trainers to match with those at their skill level and have a more rewarding experience.

While we rarely comment on the scholarship system, we believe that these adjustments will put upward pressure on scholar wages for skilled battlers and reward managers that have put time into educating and training their scholars for the arena. Just like in the real world, higher pay must be a function of variable outcomes. Turning scholars into skilled workers is a step in this direction.

We will be carefully tracking the relationship between SLP earned through gameplay and SLP burned through breeding to see if additional action is required.

When we make these decisions we look carefully at different data points such as Axies bred per day, Axies per holder, new Axie holders per day, and Axie floor prices.

🔷 Axienomics

Long term we need to carefully use many different strategies to balance the economy. Here are some of the additional mechanisms in our policy toolkit:

Short Term

• Adjusting the AXS portion of the breeding fee. Lately the AXS portion of the breeding fee has gotten quite high and this is something that we are considering adjusting.

• Adjusting the amount of SLP needed to breed Axies. We may increase the amount of SLP required per breed in the future if burning and minting is still skewed towards oversupply of SLP.

We will appraise the need for further action based on the data produced over the coming weeks.

Long Term

• Launching our own decentralized exchange to attract greater liquidity for our in-game resources.

• An Axie sink that requires releasing Axies for crafting materials. These crafting materials could be used to upgrade land, Axie body parts, and land items. They could also be used to create consumables and buy/roll cosmetics.

• Releasing new features and Axie game modes that increase demand for Axies through access to new experiences and utility.

It’s been interesting to see the community suggest some of these long term adjustments over the last few weeks. Please keep in mind that they are entire new features that need to be launched very carefully and cannot be used as quick solutions.

If you’d like to learn more about the long term economy please visit the Whitepaper.


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