⚔️ Season 15 Is Live!

🔷 AXS Rewards!

👀 Wake up your Axies. Vacation is over— Season 15 is live!

AXS rewards are back for their 2nd season, and we’re giving out over 10,000 AXS to the top 200 battlers.*

Remember, AXS represents a real piece of the Axie universe. Owning AXS means you own part of the fees, future AXS staking rewards, and even voting rights. It’s the core pillar of our new nation.


We’ve made 3 adjustments to the game logic:

  • Poison now ticks for 2 damage per stack, down from 3. We saw many players using a 3 yam tank strategy. Combined with “Serious”, this was a bit too strong and reduces fun as you’re forcing your opponent to poison themselves or get their energy stolen.

  • Critical strike rates have been reduced across the board. This is a change that many in the community have been requesting for awhile and should make games a bit less random and more skill-based.

  • Speed of the defending Axie is no longer taken into account when determining critical strike chance. This change was made as Speed is already a very strong stat, due to the central nature of attack order in the battle mechanics.

Battle Education

Want to learn about Axie battles?

Axie.zone has some great info related to the most effective cards and team compositions!

See you in the Arena!


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*In the App leaderboard, 1,000 AXS=1 AXS. We will make this more intuitive in the future.