⚔️ Season 16 Is Live!

36,000 USD in AXS rewards!

  • Season 16 is live with 8,000 AXS (~36,000 USD) in rewards for the top battlers!

  • The season will last for 4 weeks and end on April 18th.

  • Use Axie.zone to learn which Axie combinations the top players are using!

AXS rewards are back and we’re giving out 8,000 AXS to the top 200 battlers!* That’s about 36,000 USD in prizes. The #1 spot at the end of the season will earn 400 AXS. Anyone, anywhere, can win this hefty prize. That’s the power of play to earn.

Remember, AXS represents a real piece of the Axie universe. Owning AXS means you own a slice of Axie’s fees, future AXS staking rewards, and even voting rights. It’s the core pillar of our new nation.

Axie has pioneered play to earn NFT gaming, for the first time in history you can actually earn part of the game you’re playing.

Battle Education

Want to learn about Axie battles?

Axie.zone has some great info related to the most effective cards and team compositions!

See you in the Arena!


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*In the app leaderboard, 1,000 AXS=1 AXS. We will make this more intuitive in the future.