[Axie Infinity] Lunacian Issue #17

Welcome to the 17th issue of The Lunacian, a periodical covering the latest news & developments from the Axie universe!

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Season 2 With KNC Rewards!

Season 2 will end on March 22nd at 10 AM EST. The response to Season 2 has been awesome, with 25% more players participating than in Season 1, just 2 weeks ago!

Remember, the top 50 players on the leaderboard at the end of the season will earn KNC! In addition, KNC has a chance of dropping from any arena match until the season ends!

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Kyber Land Item Promotion

Anyone with 50 KNC in their wallet on March 22nd at 10 AM EST will earn an exclusive Kyber-themed NFT!

Make sure to register through the button below! You’ll need to sign a message with a wallet containing at least 50 KNC to qualify.

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Axie in Bankless

Thanks to the heroic efforts of 3xHuman, Axie was recently featured in Bankless, a top Ethereum-ecosystem newsletter. Exhuman’s article gives an in-depth walkthrough regarding Axie’s play to earn mechanics and how he turned Axie into his full time job! Click the button below to read his guide!

Axie in Bankless

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