Axie Alpha Season 2 With KNC Rewards!

We’re delighted to announce that Arena Season 2 of the Community Alpha is live!

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As a special surprise, you’ll be able to earn KNC (Kyber Network Crystals) as rewards! With so much positive news regarding Kyber Network recently, we’re delighted to allow our community to play to earn Kyber tokens!

Reward Structure

25% of the KNC (500) will be distributed to the top 50 spots on the leaderboard at the end of the season. The season will last 2 weeks, ending on March 22nd, at 10 AM EST.

1,000 Axie Kyber Coins= 1 KNC. The price of KNC as of March 9th, is .71 USD per KNC.

In addition, 75% of the KNC (1,500) will have a chance to drop from any arena match during the season, so any trainer, regardless of skill level, has a chance to earn some!

Please note that each human is only eligible for 1 leaderboard position-based payout. Any attempts to abuse the system will result in a ban from Season rewards.


Meta Balancing

As we’re fine tuning and tweaking the game for mainstream users, we’ve made it a priority to make sure that the game is as balanced as possible. Here are the principles that we use when making these adjustments:

  • There should be a wide variety of viable Axies and card combinations.

  • There should not be any massively over-powered cards.

  • Skill, rather than team composition should be the primary path to victory.

  • Mechanics that make new player on-boarding complex and frustrating should be avoided. For example, new players shouldn’t be required to own certain Axies just to counter certain specific move combinations.


See You In The Arena!

The Axie Infinity Team

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