Axie August Dev Update!

Land Gameplay, Battles V2, Ronin, and more!

August was an awesome adventure here at Axie HQ! We’re glad to see the community continuing its strong streak of recent growth and have added some additional helpers in the Axie Discord. We’ll be looking to add more over the coming months.

Traction & Growth

Our community growth has hit a blistering pace, even in the face of skyrocketing gas fees! We see this is an amazing omen for the future and are happy to see the ranks of the Axie community bolstered by fresh faces. New heroes will be born. Legends will rise.

In August we saw:

  • A 49% increase in weekly users for the Battle application!

  • A 33% increase in the download base!

  • A 16% increase in the number of Axie holders!

Please see the charts below for some additional color into our recent growth. Let’s keep pushing!

Land Development

We know that our community is itching to get their hands on some initial land gameplay! We made some major progress this month and are getting tantalizingly close to an initial MVP that we’d be proud to show you!

Here are some major land developments from this month:

  • Chimera now spawn on land and have resource drops.

  • We’ve integrated Chimera battles on top of land.

  • As your Axies waddle about Lunacia, the land setups of other players are viewable. It’ll be hard not to covet your neighbor’s life!

  • Major performance upgrades for smooth play that doesn’t overheat your device!

  • Enhanced detail and beauty for land plots and resource nodes.

  • Tested loading for accounts with huge amounts of land & items!

  • UI upgrades for crafting/building & inventory management.

  • Optimized resource gathering animation.

Battles V2

We continue to make major progress on our revamp of the battle system. The project is shaping up nicely and is looking to be more skill oriented, faster, responsive, and just generally more FUN! 

Here are some peaks into August’s progress:

  • Major UI overhaul that we’re very proud of. This has made the game more beautiful, but also more intuitive and easier to learn.

  • Implementation of some new cards.

  • Started working on a system to further distinguish classes between each other. Think class-specific “power-ups”.

  • Polished debuff system and changed some unintuitive naming such as “Aroma”.

  • Began an animation review & upgrade process.

User Experience & Scaling

August has been crazy with Ethereum gas spiking due to increased Ethereum adoption. While we’re glad to see blockchain technology being used more, this has caused issues for our players. We’re proud to report that work on our scaling solution, Ronin, is progressing rapidly.

In August we:

  • Researched and negotiated with Fiat on-boarding providers.

  • Began internal testing for a native wallet.

  • Continued optimization of our block explorer.

September Surprises

#StackedSeptember is shaping up to be one of the most exciting months for Axie, ever. Make sure to join our Discord to get real time updates and meet the rest of our community! We have some major announcements coming soon ™.

See you in Discord!

The Axie Infinity Team