Axie Esports 2021: Event Schedule & AXS Distribution

Key Points:

  • The dedicated Axie Esports server is live and ready to host tournaments!

  • At least 31 tournaments have been approved, with the possibility of a few more events being added before the end of the year.

  • Access to the server will be limited by whitelist access for event participants, organizers, and commentators.

The dedicated server for Axie Esports has been deployed and is ready for an exciting season of competitive Axie!

Just one month ago, we committed 5,000 AXS from the play-to-earn allocation pool to directly support community-run tournaments through the end of the year. We asked for proposals, and the community delivered with over 250 submissions. This is an impressive amount of demand, much more than we expanded.

Originally we planned to green-light between 10 and 15 events; however, it quickly became clear that would not be sufficient to support the demand for this season.

Subsequently, we were able to expand our support to a total of 31 events, with 5560 AXS (currently worth about $370,000) spread across them. One of the most exciting aspects of this season is the diversity of events we were able to support, each of which will follow up with their own detailed announcements!

The first official event will be the Axie E1337 Open #2 and will start on August 21st.

Please see this link for the full calendar of events 👇👇👇

Event Schedule & AXS Distribution

As the season continues, we might add a few more events where possible, especially in December which is light for now. Stay tuned for updates on this as we evaluate the stability of the server in the new few weeks.

A few notes about the esports server:

  • The server requires whitelisting to be accessed and will only be available to tournament organizers and event participants.

  • Once whitelisted, players will have access to the server in perpetuity, unless we run into stability issues later in the season.

  • Casters / spectators on the esports server will have a forced 4 round delay when watching live matches.

  • Casters interested in covering these events will need to coordinate with specific tournament organizers to arrange access for coverage.

We couldn't be more excited about the community's enthusiasm for Axie Esports! We're very much looking forward to restoring the challenge system on the main servers later this year, which will open up events for all to run as they please.

Reminder: this dedicated server is a temporary solution for esports while we continue upgrading our primary game servers. Thanks for your patience on this!

Let's look forward to an epic season of Axie battles!

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