[Axie Infinity] Season 6 is live with balancing updates!

We’re delighted to announce that Arena Season 6 of the Community Alpha is live! DAI rewards are back!


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Reward Structure

Our Alpha seasons allow Axie trainers of all skill levels to earn tokens for winning arena battles!

25% of the DAI (375) will be distributed to the top 50 spots on the leaderboard. 75% of the DAI (1125) will have a chance of dropping from any arena battle! This means that any trainer, regardless of skill level has a chance of winning DAI!

The season will last two weeks, ending at 10 AM EST on Sunday June 14th!

Remember that 1,000 Axie DAI coins= 1 DAI. 1 DAI= 1 USD.

Please note that each human is only eligible for 1 leaderboard position-based payout. Any attempts to abuse the system will result in a ban from Season rewards.


Balancing Updates

We’ve introduced some balancing updates that we believe will make the meta more interesting!


Secret Classes

We noticed that secret classes were having their viability effected by not getting class bonuses when playing cards. Remember that when an Axie plays a card belonging to its class it gets a 15% shield/attack bonus. However, since there are no secret class cards— this was making secret classes weak compared to the other 6 classes. We’ve decided to give each secret classes 50% class bonuses for the 2 classes it shares advantages/disadvantages with.

Dusk 7.5% class bonus for reptile & plant cards.

Dawn 7.5% class bonus for bird and aquatic cards.

Mech 7.5% class bonus for Beast & Bug cards.


Changes to Critical Strike Formula

After reviewing some data and feedback from the community, we noticed an issue with how critical strikes were functioning. We’ve adjusted the critical strike formula so that:

  • Low morale Axies will crit less frequently.

  • High morale will Axies crit more frequently.

  • High speed will still reduce how often an Axie is crit while defending, but to a lesser extent than before.

Get Involved!

If you’re a new player hoping to become a top Axie trainer, here are a few steps to take now: