Axie Infinity CoinGecko Item!

Instructions for claiming inside!

Thanks for participating in the Axie Infinity/ CoinGecko tokenized Gecko giveaway!

Please use this form to let us know where to send your Gecko item!

Basically, you will need to let us know your Loom address— which you can find here. The form will also ask for your email address just enter in the email address we sent this email to.

Please note that if you have not purchased land yet, you will need to create a user account before you can view your address! The claim period will last until March 15th and the items will be distributed shortly after.

If you still haven’t bought your Axie land plots, you can purchase them here.

Also, make sure to check out this post on Axie’s recent progress!

Thank You!

The Axie Infinity and CoinGecko Teams.

Axie Infinity Discord —- Come meet the Axie community!

Axie Infinity Twitter