Axie Infinity Development Update

Community Tournament, MakerDAO promotion results, Community Call, Offers for Land/Items live!

Welcome to the sixth issue of The Lunacian, a periodical covering the latest news & developments from the Axie universe!

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Development Update

We’ll start including short development updates through The Lunacian.

  • The server for our mobile application is completed.

  • Our engineers are currently working on adding the battle logic to the new server.

  • Our token economists are finalizing LUNA’s base mechanisms & getting a legal letter of approval — this is important because we want LUNA to be fleshed out and interesting as an incentive mechanism for Season 0 of the Axie ladder.

  • We’re working on the art &  mechanics for PVE (Player Vs. Chimera).

  • The team is currently deciding internally on the scope and timing of the open beta for the application.

  • We’re scaling up the team, especially on the engineering & art side. Our team size has gone from 11-15 so far, and will soon reach 18!

  • We will be making some exciting business-related announcements in August!

Summer Madness Community Tournament!

Community leader, RCTech, is hosting a tournament with tons of prizes on August 7th at 9 AM EST.

The sponsors are: Coco, Jdor, BEP, Jihoz, and the Axie Infinity Core team. If you’re interested in joining as a sponsor, contact RCTech in the Axie Discord!

Make sure to register using this form:

We love community tournaments as they’re a great example of coordination within our community and user-generated content.

Town Hall Recap

The first Lunacian Town Hall was a resounding success!

Over 30 community members joined and discussed topics such as:

  • The roadmap for the mobile application.

  • Breeding & crafting economic principles.

  • The future of user on-boarding.

  • Guilds, fractional ownership, & renting land.

Want a full recap? Community moderator, Jdor, wrote up an amazing summary. It’s posted in the #announcements channel of our Discord.

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Offers for Land/Items

Last week we launched our much-anticipated offer feature for our land/item market!

If you’ve been eyeing a few parcels needed to complete your grand estate, now’s your chance!

Check out this article on how it works!

Offers Walkthrough


That’s it for now!

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