[Axie Infinity] Lunacian Issue #5

MakerDAO Partnership Recap, Community Call, Important Announcements Incoming, Interview with JDOR

Welcome to the 5th issue of The Lunacian, a periodical covering the latest news from the Axie Universe!

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MakerDAO Partnership Recap

Our MakerDAO partnership was a fascinating introduction to the world of open finance for our community.

The promotion spurred a lot of interesting discussions regarding the nature of money and credit in our Discord and we were glad to see many of our community members qualify for the DAI-themed items! The price of ETH also did quite well during the claim window, so kudos to anyone who opened CDPs and got some leverage of ETH!

The items will be sent later this month.

Community Call


We will be having a community call or “Lunacian Town Hall” on Sunday July 14th at 10 AM EST. The purpose of this call is to allow EVERYONE in the community the chance to suggest ideas, initiatives, and give feedback on the direction of the game. We will convene in #voice-chat in Discord.

Important Announcements Incoming

Development on live battles is 95% concluded. We're now primarily working on PVE/adventure mode. Can't wait to show you all! Announcements coming soon.

Here’s a leek of what we’ve been working on!

Top Axie Sales

Here are the top Axie sales from the last month courtesy of Axieworld.com. Congrats to the buyers and sellers!

Interview with Axie Discord Mod, Jdor!

This week we sat down with Jdor, one of our beloved Axie mods to pick his brain on his experience with the community so far.

Our mods add so much value to our community and it’s always great to hear their thoughts!

How did you learn about Axie?

I got into dApps/crypto gaming at the end of Crypto Kitties/Crypto Celebrities hype in mid-Jan 2018 and “played” a bunch of early attempts at dApp games from outright ponzi like POWH and CryptoWorld to some presumably more honest takes like KPop.io and ETH.Town. Axie Infinity was the last pre-sale I’d joined in Feb 2018 and I haven’t looked back since - Axie turned out to be the only real game and the gap between AI and other projects has been so glaring and growing so fast it would be very hard to justify putting any ETH into anything else for me.

What’s your experience as a mod been like?

Psycheout first asked me to help out with Axie Discord administration in May 2018 and I think it has been a very smooth ride. I’m more focused on helping out new members, facilitating OTC trades or giving general support than anything else - for example, I don’t recall having to kick anyone with maybe one or two exceptions - this is a shoutout to the great community that attracts even more good personalities and where FUD/jerks don’t feel at home so they just don’t bother joining

Tell us a bit about your experience making Axie tools.

Early “games” were heavily botted and you pretty much had to have an automated way of interacting with the dApp contract to stay competitive. I have IT background so I quickly slapped together a CLI monitor bot that looked like this:

- you can tell from this picture where my ETH bags are.. So I just had to get rid of the trash ”game” configs keeping the Axie one and add a Telegram bot for notifications. I have since changed this to a Discord bot. I’ve been led by great examples set by other community developers like freak, Owl, Clumsier, onedayplay and others who have created amazing tools and shared them with the community. We’re currently testing a Lunacia notification bot that advertises new land and item listings within a small group of Lunacians and hoping to deploy it soon for all to keep a tab on current listings/sales: 

What upcoming features are you most excited about?

Like every other Lunacian, I’m excited about the upcoming Live Battles and Land gameplay. I believe these new features will take Axie Infinity beyond anything that exists today in dApp game space and reaffirm its position on the spearhead of the industry. AI Team have always said they are looking to empower and enable the community to contribute to the Axie Universe and we’ve already seen this happening with Axie League Tournaments and mini-games such as Axie Sushi.

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