[Axie Infinity] Lunacian Issue #8

Development Updates, Axie.gg Launch, Player Shoutouts, Land Market Liquidity, Leek!

Welcome to the 8th issue of The Lunacian, a periodical covering the latest news & developments from the Axie universe!

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Development Update

  • We have finalized a white paper for the LUNA token. Rewarding community members for their contributions to our ecosystem is the paramount theme.

  • We have initiated partnership talks with 2 major players in the blockchain space.

  • We have started to think about hackathon frameworks that will reward our community developers, as well as attract new developers/players.

  • We are currently drawing up a meetup framework that will be crucial in our growth plan for the mobile application.

  • Today (!), we began an internal test of the mobile application. An exclusive alpha will commence soon.

  • Our Art team is entering uncharted territory.

  • We will be presenting at 500 Startups Demo Day on September 5th!

Axie.gg Launch

The much-anticipated community project, axie.gg is live!

Axie.gg helps you find great deals on battle-ready Axies.  Powerful search options based on price, power rating, and more.  Find exactly the Axies you are looking for and get the best price.

Try axie.gg

Player Shoutouts

Kudos to:

  • ExHuman and ExHTO for setting a strong example in the Dapp.com community art contest.

  • Jdor for smooth Discord deployment of his marketplace notification bot.

  • Victor Regara for his energetic contributions to the Discord chat & engagement with new players.

  • EnforcerJ & Catdicax for their lovely Axie streams and Discord engagement.

  • Bronzebeard for his informative Axie articles (like this one) & fun driving streams (are those legal?).

  • RcTech for not starting a riot while he waits for the mobile application and more official tournaments.

  • Heresy for fighting Venezuela’s slow internet to stream Axie!

Land Market Heats Up

Liquidity, liquidity, liquidity!

Some new arrivals sparked a land acquisition frenzy over the last week.

Welcome to our new Barons!



Here’s another leak from the new live-battle system!


That’s it for now!

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