Axie Infinity: May Dev Update

  • Growth has skyrocketed with the implementation of Ronin, our NFT scaling solution.

What a month!

North, South, East, and West— our revolution is spreading across the globe.

May saw a flurry of exciting developments for our nation. From skyrocketing volume on Ronin, to an Axie documentary—May had it all!


May has been the fastest period of growth for Axie, ever.

  • Play-To-Earn, a documentary created by community members from Empharsis, YGG, and Delphi Digital, is taking the world by storm! It was featured in the mainstream media through CNBC and Hypebeast and has racked up over 200,000 views on YouTube!


We’ve started a private Alpha for Battles V2. This is a very early build but has been great for getting some initial feedback from competitive players, casuals, and content creators. V2 is a huge upgrade in terms of art and animations. We’re still working on the gameplay to make sure it balances the line between accessibility and depth.

  • Card draw - We’re thinking hard about the card draw system and how to make it fun, engaging, and skill-based. The current system we have in testing has some weaknesses.

  • Starter axies - The art for our main starter Axies is finished! We have a progression system for unlocking more than the initial 3. The starter Axies have some initial placeholder cards that fit to their archetypes.

  • Road to launch - We’ve created an internal roadmap for V2.

  • PVE - We’ve started working on the art for PVE story mode and the bosses.

  • Items - The spec for items is being defined. There will be consumables, materials, quest items, and more!

  • Card Art - Our art team has made significant progress with card art design.


Ronin has been a roaring success so far. As expected, there was definitely some roughness in the transition due to the complexity of the migration. Things are settling down now and the benefits are supercharging our nation.

Volume is up 291%. The number Axie NFT traders is up 160% and the quantity of NFT sales on our marketplace is up a staggering 409%!

There are now 67,000 Axie holders on Ronin. There’s also over 10 M USD locked in the Ronin bridge contract.

  • Dex - We have a design ready for a decentralized exchange (Dex) on top of Ronin. We have an internal deadline for the launch.

  • RON - We have made progress on RON token design. This will be a key piece of the Dex puzzle.

  • Ramp - Ramp, our fiat gateway, has already distributed over 320,000 USD in ETH to our community in less than a week. This has been crucial in allowing our community to get funds deposited to Ronin without friction!

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