[Axie Infinity] The Lunacian Issue #10

Development Update, Application Testing, Hackathon Axie Asia Tour

Welcome to the 10th issue of The Lunacian, a periodical covering the latest news & developments from the Axie universe!

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Development Update

We’re so excited for what’s in store for the Axie universe. Early this summer, we decided to allocate more time and resources towards the mobile application and we believe it was a great decision. The real-time battle system needs to be great as we believe it’s what will greatly expand the number of people that will fall in love with the Axie universe. It’s also key to enabling an amazing land gameplay system through real-time chimera battles so we wanted to polish it with care.

  • We’ve deployed 14 patches for the application.

  • All effects are now working, and we are working on balancing at the moment.

  • Our testers are loving it so far!

  • With just balancing left, our product team is moving on to Chimera battles and the reward system for the mobile application.

  • We will be adding additional testers within the next week.

  • We’ve finished a draft of the LUNA white paper and have sent it our advisors for review.

  • We now have 21 members on the team, we started 2019 with 9!

Quotes from the Alpha

“My first thought: this should be really easy for someone with basic knowledge to pickup."

“The most fun aspect is definitely the new dimension of strategic thinking and playing this enables.”

“First impression: This is great, I want to buy more Axies.”

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Axie Japan and Korea Tour

Aleksander, our COO and Jihoz, our Growth Lead, just finished up a trip to Japan and Korea!

The Axie brand is spreading and we made a bunch of new friends and allies on the trip!

Most notably, Aleksander gave a talk at Korea Blockchain week, alongside figures such as Vitalik Buterin.

Jihoz even made an appearance on CNBC Crypto trader!

Check out some photos from the trip below!


Matic X Axie X MakerDAO Hackathon!

This past weekend, we co-hosted a hackathon with Matic Network and MakerDAO in Bangalore, India.

We learned a bunch about our dev tooling and look forward to hosting more of these in the future. These are crucial experiments as we start gearing up to work on an easy-to-use SDK for building on top of Axie!

Congrats to the winning teams, Blockleague and Axiebet!

That’s it for now!

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