Axie Infinity Year End Review!

2019 was an incredible year for the Axie family!

Along with our amazing community, we made major strides in all key aspects of our ecosystem.


Product Launches

In 2019 we saw a flurry of fun and impactful product launches that:

  • Increased Axie market liquidity

  • Brought new community members to our ecosystem

  • Gave us valuable insights/data to help shape our future launches

Axie Application Community Alpha Launch

Axie Visual Upgrades

Xmas Skin Breeding Event + Breeding System Upgrade

Marketplace Upgrade

Community Alpha

It's been just over 1 week since the Community Alpha Launch!

  • The Axie floor (cheapest Axie for sale) has doubled from .004 ETH to .008 ETH.

  • Axie market volume is up 300+% over the past week.

  • Buyers snatched up 16% of all Axies on the market!

In addition, the application produced engagement and retention rates far higher than even top-tier mainstream games!


Over the coming 6 months, we’ll assess user feedback and improve the application so that we can begin targeting mainstream users.

Here are a few testimonials from members of our community!

Haven’t tried the Community Alpha yet?

The Alpha is open to anyone with at least 3 Axies— you can pick them up here!

Download Community Alpha

New Allies

Throughout 2019, we made collaboration with strong allies a priority. Some of the most influential and forward-thinking institutions are now a part of the Axie family!




Loom Network

1.5 M USD Fundraise

Stay tuned for more alliances in 2020, we already have some great ones lined up!


Axie 2020

We have 3 primary goals for 2020:

  1. Start attracting mainstream users to the Axie universe.

  2. Give even greater stake within the Axie ecosystem to our beloved community (through a native token)!

  3. Solidify Axie’s position as a top user-facing Blockchain application.


Happy holidays and thanks for making 2019 so special!

The Axie Infinity Team

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