Merry AXmaS!

Play to earn AXS tokens this Holiday Season

Merry AXmaS! To celebrate our best year yet, we’re rewarding 10,000 AXS across the top 200 players on the leaderboard! AXmaS season comes with a patch so update from your Mavis Hub, Testflight (IOS,) or through the Axie Discord channel linked below (Android)!

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AXS Rewards

This is a paradigm shift in the way games work. For the first time ever, you can earn a piece of the game you’re playing through PVP competition. The stakes are higher than ever!

This is only the beginning of play to earn in Axie. Due to the success of the AXS token, the year 1 play to earn budget is over 10 million dollars!

Please note that each human is eligible for 1 leaderboard reward. Any attempts to abuse the system will result in swift bans from Sky Mavis* products.

Balancing Update

We’ve implemented a variety of balancing changes. You can review them through the graphic below!

Additionally, the Class Bonus is now 10%, down from 15%. We believe this will help open up the possibilities for team composition and Axie selection!

We fixed a bug where secret classes were not getting a 7.5% shield bonus when playing cards from their affiliated classes.

Matchmaking Rating Change

Starting now, we will no longer freeze matchmaking rating in the offseason. This was creating some skewed incentives. If you need help climbing the leaderboard, make sure to visit, an amazing community-built site for PVP tips and data.

SLP Claim Period

From now on, SLP can be claimed once every 14 days. This is to prevent sophisticated potion forming operations from hurting our economy.

We hope you and your loved ones have an amazing end of year and cozy Holiday season. Make sure to let them know about the amazing revolution that we’ve started together.


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