December Development Update!

Project K, Battles, Massive Growth, Ronin

This last month was another record breaker for the Axie ecosystem! Externally, we saw major headlines and massive growth. Internally, we made great progress on land, battles, and Ronin.

After years of anticipation, our community finally got a sneak peak at our progress on land. The demo, Project K, is currently live until December 10th!

Growth & Adoption

More and more people are participating in our nascent economy. A nation is truly forming, complete with workers, soldiers, real estate, and sophisticated markets.

  • The number of Axie holders grew 55% from 14,946 to 23,228

  • All-time Marketplace participants grew 50% from 10,959 to 16,418

  • Monthly on-chain users increased 91% to 18,350 from 9,600

  • Monthly installs grew 140.12% from 8306 to 19944

We also saw massive increases in marketplace commissions and breeding fees. Long term, these will feed growth of the AXS governed, Community Treasury which you can learn more about here.

This growth is shown visually in the charts below!

We were also thrilled to announce integration of Chainlink price feed oracles for our Marketplace as well as our intention to use Chainlink VRF for Axie Origin Coin rolls.

Big Mystic Axie headlines continue to develop with the sale of Sergey for 140 ETH. Axie (#265), which sold for 180 ETH even did an interview with Cointelegraph!


We’re so excited to have finally shown off our progress on land to the community. Project K, a 7 day demo for land, is now live.

The demo’s main goals are to get some preliminary feedback, show off our progress, and test the game server’s performance.

Through the demo you’re able to:

  • Populate your land plots with your favorite Axies

  • Gather resources to craft tools and furniture

  • Place your land items on plots for decoration

  • Battle Chimera for resources— this is especially basic for now

Need land? Pick some up here.

Remember to give us your feedback through this form and to get in your submissions for the plot design contest! If you want to view all the submissions so far search #projectk on Twitter!


Progress on battles kept chugging along and we hope to start a closed alpha for some of our top battlers within the next quarter. Peripherally related, our art team began the monumental task of upgrading Axie art for current body parts and shapes as well as future upgraded parts. We also took some time to think about play-styles and archetypes to spice up class disctinction.

Heres a brief overview:

  • Upgraded tutorial

  • Added hotkeys

  • A variety of bug fixes

  • Upgraded in-game cursors

  • Improved targeting UX

  • Improved card layout

  • New Axie art upgrades and part upgrades

  • Progress on class talent trees and archetypes

  • Added an in-match card history feed


Our Ronin team is preparing for launch. We now have an internal launch plan for Ronin and are finalizing preparations. The Ronin wallet and block explorer are undergoing testing and polishing. Validators are being on-boarded. Here’s a summary of the current state of Ronin development:

  • We set a hard deadline for launching Ronin for land and items

  • There are currently 3 validators running on testnet

  • You can now create an account, import private key, sign messages, connect trezor with Ronin wallet

  • Players can get a certain amount of free gas per day

  • The block explorer can now track transactions, blocks, and account balances

We are now starting to think about external audits and bug bounties.

That’s it for now. See you in Discord!

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