February Dev Update!

NFT Sales Record | Skyrocketing Growth | Battles V2 & Land Progress

Things are progressing rapidly in the Axie universe! Our movement is gaining size and strength each day.


Incredibly, we’ve been growing at a rapid pace despite the massive Ethereum gas fees. This means that once Ronin Phase is fully deployed, we will experience hyper-growth.

  • We’re now at 20,000 daily active users!

  • We crossed 30,000 Axie holders!

  • Traffic to Axieinfinity.com is skyrocketing.

  • We set a record for the largest NFT sale of all time! The sale was even featured in Vice news! We will continue to shock the world again and again. It’s in our DNA.


Progress on Battles V2 has accelerated. We’ve opened up testing to team members as well as select advisors. Ubisoft believes the new battles are a massive improvement over the current experience! On-boarding, which is our #1 barrier right now has been significantly improved with social login, a fun tutorial, and free starter Axies. Free starter Axies will allow people to start learning the game before making any significant economic decisions. However, their earning ability will be very weak, meaning that free-to-try players will be encouraged to eventually get real Axies of their own.

  • We added social login.

  • Emojis. That’s all we’ll say for now.

  • Completed and polished tutorial

  • Completed first iteration of free starter Axies

  • Defined class archetypes more clearly, especially for secret classes.


We’ve started to define what the future of land play will look like. In the Project K demo, we showed off building, harvesting, and decorating. The next phase of development will focus on kingdom-building, alliances, and fighting for control of territory. This war game can be seen as one game built on top of land with many more to come in the future— some built by Sky Mavis, the Axie core team, and others built by users or other developers.

One of the learnings from Project K is that unstructured group activities such as meetups were also a huge draw, so this is something we’re taking to heart as well.

Long term, user generated experiences will make Land’s potential as an immersive environment truly infinite.

Shoutout to Yield Guild (YGG) for securing their home in Lunacia!


Ronin Phase 1 was a massive success! Ronin is our Ethereum sidechain which will allow us to bring Axie to a much larger player-base.

  • The marketplace for land/items is now live!

  • Deposits of ETH to Ronin are enabled.

  • Make sure to download the Ronin wallet and then migrate your land/items by the end of February for the R0N1N-21 land item.

If you’d like to help our movement, please leave a 5 star rating and helpful review for the Ronin wallet.

If you’re interested in acquiring your home in the Axie Kingdom, please check this land marketplace on-boarding guide.


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