July Development Update

Key Points

  • In July, Axie was the top revenue-generating crypto protocol. We also became the #1 NFT project by all-time volume.

  • We’re making rapid progress on our roadmap and are preparing for a flurry of launches.

The Axie nation continued to shock the world in July. We reached new heights across all major metrics.

📈 Growth

Axie is the fastest growing game in the world right now. This growth caused some issues with the server, as our battle logic system failed to keep up with the surging number of players. We were ecstatic to resolve this issue within 10 days and learned a lot of great engineering lessons along the way! We are working on an entirely new game server as well.

  • The Axie protocol generated more fees in the last 30 days than any other crypto product, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. This demonstrates Axie’s incredible power to grow the entire crypto ecosystem.

  • Axie is the #1 NFT product by 30 day volume. By a lot. Axie is showing the unique value proposition of gaming assets versus collectibles and art. Axie also become the #1 NFT project by all time volume. Congrats everyone!

  • We crossed 800,000 DAU in July! At this rate, we’ll soon become the first NFT project to hit 1 million users! Each and every one of you has played such an important part in getting us to this moment. Let’s keep pushing.

⚔️ Battles V2

Battles V2 (Axie Infinity: Origin) is an upcoming battle system that will introduce Axie to a brand new audience! Sky Mavis is fortunate to have many different teams internally working on a variety of products. The Origin team is an independent team within Sky Mavis focused entirely on this update.

This month we:

  • Almost finished initial launch content for PVE adventure mode.

  • Worked on PVE tutorials.

  • Made progress on Axie card upgrades using in-game drops.

Next up, we’ll be working on ranked PVP mode and a quest system. We’ll then decide whether Origin is ready to welcome a new round of Alpha testers!

🌾 Land

Land is a highly anticipated experience centered around harvesting resources, building up a settlement, and fighting for control of territory.

This months progress:

  • We hired a new game designer that will join the land team in September.

  • We’ve started work on “seasons” for land gameplay. What kind of competitive features will work well on land?

  • Refined army control, decoration logic, and building management.

🐦 Ronin

Ronin is our scaling solution for NFT games starting with Axie. It’s the most used Ethereum sidechain for NFTs.

  • Ronin crossed 500 million USD in deposited assets.

  • The Ronin wallet crossed over 1 Million downloads!

  • We’re gearing up for a launch of AXS staking. Stay tuned! We won’t give an exact date as there are a few moving parts involved.

  • We released a revamped block explorer and upgraded the Ronin wallet.

  • Many of our community members do not have a bank account. We’re looking at ways to empower these players using Ronin wallet.

We’ve seen an increasing number of scams recently. Please go through the information on the infographic below carefully. In particular there are many fake Ronin wallets circulating. Always make sure you’re using the link we post through official channels.

Official Ronin Wallet


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