June Development Update

Key Points

  • The Axie nation is growing exponentially. We’re now the #1 crypto application by weekly revenue.

  • On the development front, we made progress on AXS staking, the Ronin decentralized exchange (Dex), and battles V2.

Axie is the first game designed to change the world and create economic freedom. This is the reason behind our exponential growth. Axie is more than a game, it’s a place for you to live, work, and play. June was the greatest month we’ve ever had. Let’s dive into our recent progress.

📈 Growth

Growth has gone exponential with thousands of new citizens joining each day.

  • 2.3 million unique visitors have visited Axieinfinity.com in the last 30 days!

  • Monthly volume on our marketplace skyrocketed 334% to over 128 million dollars (57,000 ETH)! Our volume is almost three time larger than the second place project.

  • We’ve crossed 250,000 daily active players and 200,000 Discord members. We’re on track to become the largest Discord server in the world, passing Fortnite, in about 18 weeks.

  • Axie isn’t just the #1 NFT project, it’s also now the #1 revenue generating application in the entire crypto industry!

  • Axie’s Twitch viewership is exploding! This is helping introduce new gamers to our revolution. Shoutout to our amazing streamers who are spearheading this momentum! We had over 6,000 viewers tune into our livestream with teammates Zyori, Jihoz, and Psycheout. Miss the action? Check it out here.

⚔️ Battles

Battles V2, is going to be a massive upgrade to the Axie experience. It will include starter Axies, a revamped and faster-paced battle system, and many other surprises!

We gave the community a fresh sneak peak at battles v2 art during the livestream.

This month we:

  • Started an internal test for updated PVE chimera battles.

  • Created a wide variety of terrifying chimera for you to battle.

  • Released an internal spec for upgrading and managing cards.

  • Added basic items.

  • Added milestone rewards.

  • Designed icons for in-game buffs and debuffs.

  • Designed chimera abilities.

  • Wrote some initial lore for PVE mode.

🐦 Ronin

Ronin is the technology we use to make Axie fast and smooth. It’s by far the largest NFT scaling solution in the world.

This month’s progress:

  • There is a Ronin Whitepaper in the works. It will describe our vision, the underlying technology, as well as the RON token and its function in the ecosystem.

  • We surpassed 100 M USD deposited on Ronin!

  • We have a rough launch plan for the Ronin decentralized exchange (dex). The dex has a name but you can think of it as Project X. Project X will become the easiest place to trade all the tokens within our ecosystem. This means more liquidity for AXS & SLP.

  • We set an internal release deadline for the AXS staking dashboard.

  • We made major progress on a Block explorer upgrade.

  • Ramp, our Fiat gateway, has processed 4 million dollars in ETH purchases over the last 30 days!


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