March Development Update!

Massive Growth, Battles V2, Ronin Progress

It’s finally happening! NFTS are going mainstream and it’s accelerating the growth of our blossoming nation.

  • We hit new highs across all growth metrics this month with daily active users, monthly on-chain users, and marketplace volume all skyrocketing.

  • Battles V2 is progressing nicely— we’re almost done with the initial design for starter Axies and are now ramping up internal testing.

  • We released a new website for Sky Mavis, the summoners of Axie Infinity. Check it out for an overview of our vision. We’re also hiring!


March has been one of the fastest periods of growth ever for the Axie nation.

  • reached 250,000 unique visitors!

  • Our marketplace processed over 10 M USD in NFT volume!

  • Axie holders increased 15% to 37,000 from 32,000 last month! We also saw an acceleration in the number of players using the marketplace for the first time.

  • Our application hit 25,000 Daily active users (still in alpha and not on app stores).


Progress on our expansion and upgrade to the battle system is speeding up.

  • We’re getting close to a completed initial design for free starter Axies.

  • Sky Mavis has set an internal goal for a private Alpha with some of our top players. If you want to be considered for this you should aim to hit the top of the leaderboard and be a leader within the community. Making awesome arena content is also a huge bonus!

  • Archetypes and talents for the classes have been further defined.

  • A revamped UI for Axie and team selection is getting close to completion!

  • The connection between part upgrades, genetics, and in-game rewards is being explored.

  • We’ve made awesome progress on the art for upgraded body parts. Vertical progression will be key to taking your connection with your Axies to the next level.


We believe that we’re on track to deploy Ronin phase 2 at some point in the coming months. This will be a seminal moment for Axie, solving many of our player’s toughest challenges. In terms of an exact deadline, it’s too early to commit a date to the outside world but understand that this is a huge priority for us.

  • We are researching decentralized exchanges so that players can access liquidity for their assets on Ronin itself.

  • We will be deploying an upgrade to the Ronin wallet soon.

  • Ronin is currently storing over 1 M USD of ETH, just the first of many milestones!

  • We’ve completed an initial design for the migration of Axies to Ronin.

The Promised Land

While Axie has grown to become the clear leader in NFT gaming, we will never be satisfied. There remain many challenges and obstacles on our path to onboarding millions of people to this amazing new technology.

Earlier this month, we tweeted out a rough product pipeline. We believe that each of these releases will be a key pillar in the construction of our pantheon of adoption.

In the end, these releases will make sure that Axie becomes increasingly fun, meaningful, and full of opportunity. We couldn’t be more excited for the future and could never have gotten this far without each and every one of you.

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