New Record Axie Sales!

Lunacian #22

Welcome to Lunacian #22! It’s been a very active time for the Axie community, let’s go over the main developments!

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Durendal & Quad Mystic Sales!

Some Axies are incredibly rare collectors pieces. Durendal, an Agomogenesis Axie, and a quad mystic recently sold for 60 and 90 ETH! Congrats to the new owner! These represent sales records for all time USD value for Axies!

Player Spotlight Series

The Axie community is special. Recently we talked to two of the leaders within our community to learn about their journeys. Check it out if you want to learn what being an Axie player is all about!

Player Spotlight:Gabby

Player Spotlight:Exhuman

Axie In the News!

Eyes are opening to Axie’s potential! One of the leading Blockchain research firms, Messari, recently wrote about Axie!

Axie players in the Philippines are playing Axie to feed their families during the pandemic! Play to earn is a revolution and this is just the beginning!

Media Kit & Sky Mavis Design System

We’ve seen a boom in community-driven content recently!

To assist our community content creators we have two gifts: a design system from our design/frontend team as well as a media kit.

Check them out!

Sky Mavis Design System

Axie Media Kit

See You In The Arena!

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