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Season 13 is live!

Season 13 is here! As a special spooky treat, our friends at Aave are sponsoring the Season with 120 AAVE tokens! That’s worth over 6,000 USD based on current prices!

Thanks to sponsors like Aave, our experiments with play to earn mechanics are getting larger over time!

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Upgraded Reward Structure & Season Duration

The Axie community is booming— the number of Axie holders increased by ~50% in the last 30 days! To accommodate this, we’ve quadrupled the number of positions that qualify for leaderboard rewards from 50 to 200.

In addition, we’ve significantly boosted leaderboard rewards by retiring the random token drops. These drops resulted in too much dust, meaning that a hefty chunk of the rewards were not being claimed. We’re always looking to refine our mechanics to better serve the community and believe this system does a much better job!

We’ve doubled the length of the Season to nearly 1 month. Season 13 will end on Saturday, December 6th at 9 AM EST.

Please note that each human is eligible for 1 leaderboard reward. Any attempts to abuse the system will result in swift bans from Sky Mavis* products.

Axie PvP Advice

With the expanded leaderboard, Season 13 is a great time to get more involved with the Axie PvP scene! is an awesome site for new trainers to look up team compositions and the most popular cards at the top of the ladder!

Energy Used for Adventure Mode

As a final note, Adventure Mode (PVE) levels will now consume energy. 1 battle will use 1 energy. After all energy is consumed, Axies will stop gaining experience. The 100 SLP cap per day is not effected, so even without energy you’ll still be able to earn SLP from adventure if you’re below the daily limit.

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* Sky Mavis are the core developers of the Axie Infinity ecosystem.