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Season 11 is live!

We’re thrilled to announce that Arena Season 11 of the Community Alpha is live! DAI rewards are back!


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Reward Structure

Our Alpha seasons allow Axie trainers of all skill levels to earn tokens for winning arena battles!

25% of the DAI (375) will be distributed to the top 50 spots on the leaderboard. 75% of the DAI (1125) will have a chance of dropping from any arena battle! This means that any trainer, regardless of skill level has a chance of winning DAI!

The season will last two weeks, ending at 10 AM EST on Sunday October 4th!

Remember that 1,000 Axie DAI coins= 1 DAI. 1 DAI= 1 USD.

Please note that each human is only eligible for 1 leaderboard position-based payout. Any attempts to abuse the system will result in a ban from Season rewards. is a great place to find data on what’s currently working well and being used in the Arena! You can find the team compositions of the top players, the most used cards, and even a tier list!

In addition, you can check out this highlight reel of the last Axie tournament and see what the pros are doing!

If you have any feedback on the PvP experience in Axie make sure to join the discussion in our #battle-balancing channel in Discord!

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