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Season 10 is live!

Arena Season 10 is live! DGX rewards are back so you can play to earn gold once again!

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The prize pools is made up of 26 DGX with an approximate market value of $1,600. 25% of the DGX will be distributed to the top players on the leaderboard, while the other 75% can be earned by simply winning Arena battles! We’ve optimized our algorithm for Arena drops, so you may find the Arena to be more rewarding than usual! PvP Tools

Want a data driven approach to learning the PvP system? recently released a PvP leaderboard! You can click the top players and see what Axies they’ve been using to excel!

PvP Leaderboard With Teams

In addition, a PvP stats page allows you to check popularity of different cards and classes!

PvP Statistics

Please note that the meta is subject to change as balancing and new mechanics are added to the battle system. Shoutout to Seuchenhund from for the awesome progress. Community developers help us in our mission immensely and inspire the core team to push harder.

See You In The Arena!

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