Player Spotlight: RCTech

Axie is becoming more than a game. For many, it’s a digital nation where they’ve found friends, economic opportunities, and a fun competitive battle scene. RCTech is the embodiment of this trend. We sat down with this legendary Axie battler to learn more about what drives him forward and how he views the future of Axie!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into Axie.

I got into Axie Infinity after I watched Joshbaked’s stream back during fall of 2018. I saw the game and immediately recognized the potential. This was way back when we still had auto-battles. The battles were ( even at that time) amazing and I’d never seen a game where you had that much control of your assets. I decided a couple months later to start streaming and join my first Axie tournaments. That was a lot of fun and an amazing experience. Thats where I met a lot of players that are still my friends to this day.

2. You're big in the competitive PvP scene, what makes Axie fun and competitive for you?

Axie battles for me has to be like every other sport: challenging. I don’t have a gaming background but I do know competition; I was an amateur athlete before an injury ended my career. Competing in Axie has actually given me a new competitive outlet to fill that void.

The creator of the Axie moves is a genius for the way they fit together. The meta keeps changing and players are breeding crazy combos, which I have to solve and create effective counters for.

RCTech is a top PvP competitor in tournaments such as the Infinity Cup

3. What does play to earn mean to you?

Everything. Thats probably the number one reason I stayed with Axie and decided to make it my career. It made no sense for me all my life to play a lot of games, without being rewarded for your effort. Axie made is a fun, competitive game. But the fact that it’s actually rewarding me and helping me in real life makes it special.

4. What are you most excited about for Axie's future?

I’m excited for the endless possibilities related to Axie land. I’d love to have a Pokemon style gym on my estate. There, people would have to beat Lev0x members to get certain rewards. I’m waiting very patiently.

5. Do you have any advice for new players? How can someone become a top Axie trainer?

My first question for new players: How bad do you want it? I put in a 2 year grind to be in the position where I am in now. Back then, it was actually much riskier to dedicate your life to this. The game was not as fun and the community was tiny. It’s clear now that Axie will revolutionize gaming so the risks have been dramatically lowered.

I gave up a lot of stuff to be in the Axie discord everyday. Do not spent your time complaining in the Discord, instead try to learn from people and make it work for you.

Never forget you are your own company in Axie Infinity. This means you are responsible for every decision you make. So every Axie you buy, every land sale and every friend you make can be another opportunity.

A lot of times I see people thinking that some problems have to be solved directly by the Axie team because they say so. That’s not how its going to work, you are a guest in the Discord. A guest with a lot of privileges if you contribute to the community. Lastly: ALWAYS think about how you can improve the community with your own talents. The Axie community can’t grow if we don’t work together using our own unique skills and abilities.

6. What's your personal vision for Axie?

I hope that we can grow to a place that having 4 year Axie experience is equal to a university education. I learned a lot more about finance through Axie than in school while earning more than in my “real world” job.

7. What makes Axie special compared to a normal traditional game?

You can play your way to financial freedom. Is it a guarantee? Of course not. But the only thing that is holding you back is your courage to do things. Lot of people don’t think for themselves and just like to follow people, which isn’t a crime but don’t complain if you don’t make it. You have to be humble enough to learn and arrogant enough to create your own plan.

8. What did you know about Blockchain prior to Axie?

Not more than any other person, I heard about Bitcoin but I never got triggered to learn more about it. It all seemed very difficult. I made a couple of small investments in altcoins long time ago, but looking back I didn’t know what I was doing most of the time.

9. What are you doing now in the Axie community?

Everything I do in the crypto space is usually connected to Axie. I have my passion project RC Axie Cards, where I showcase high quality Axie Art which eventually can be used in Lunacia. I'm also co-owner of Lev0x eSports together with Dabozz, here we guide talented players to pro level and I try to compete at the highest levels myself.

My latest achievement is being an advisor/community mod for AxieTree. I really like their vision for the Axie Community. Axie needed a product like this for some time because of the insane growth the last few months. We are launching on Dec 25th, and we can’t wait to show you guys all the upcoming features.

Thanks to Jihoz and Psycheout, I had a 2 year Axie education about what it means to create a community and how to keep the high standards of AI alive in these projects. So for everybody who wants to step up in the community my advice is: Be yourself, make friends, take chances and the most important thing: Play Axie everyday!


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