Project K Summary & Design Contest Results!

The seven day Project K demo was a resounding success! It was a joy to see the Axie community rally together to find bugs, provide feedback, and upgrade your plots.

During the demo we saw:

  • Over 80 submissions to the plot design contest

  • Over 150 feedback forms submitted

  • An explosion of video content

The feedback was very detailed and focused around a few primary themes:

  • Harvesting resources involved a tremendous amount of clicking—this is something we knew but didn’t have time to address prior to deployment

  • Managing many plots seems like a monumental task—social and guild features will be key to addressing this

  • The art was beautiful

  • The persistent world made the experience inherently social— players enjoyed teaming up to complete common goals and want to see this expanded upon

  • You are all excited for more gameplay experiences through dungeons, resource harvesting, plot upgrades, world events

  • Our community developers are excited to build experiences on top of land once the SDK is live

We can’t wait to bring land back! This was a huge positive step for the entire Axie nation.

Design Contest Results

We were blown away by the beauty and creativity of your submissions for the plot design contest! Judging these was incredibly difficult.

In the end, 3 submissions rose above the rest through our internal voting.

  1. The grand prize went to this amazing chess concept from Louwtjie! It’s interesting that the winning design used zero artifacts.

  1. Second place went to this relaxing and beautiful “Flower Garden” from Onedayplay! This waterfront property had a natural and lush feel to it that immediately captured our attention.

  1. Third place went to Kuan’s “Breeder’s Temple of Wealth”. This exquisite creation was one of many shrine and temple-themed submissions. The synergy of the artifacts and Banzai trees seems to have put this submission over the top!

  1. “The Silent Tomb” by Estus was a solemn monument to fallen defenders.

  1. "Chimera Make Bad Dinner Guests" by AK was a hilarious submission that made great use of some very rare artifacts.

We’ve awarded a special 50 AXS bonus prize to Reillz for his amazing clip “We built this city”. If method of submission had been taken into account, this would have been the clear winner.

You can find the full list of winners below and check out the designs in the contest’s Discord channel. Prizes will arrive within a week!


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