[Ronin] Mainnet Launch!

Land & Item Migration: Earn A Special Land Item!

  • Ronin, our Ethereum sidechain, is live!

  • Migrate your land/items to Ronin from your account dashboard. There is a time-limited land item for those that migrate with ID based on order of migration!

  • The marketplace for land & items on Ronin will open later this week, potentially as early as tomorrow.

A New Chapter

Over the last 3 years, we’ve embarked on an epic quest to deliver freedom to a new generation of gamers. Recent events have made this quest more important than ever.

While the Axie community has grown exponentially, operating on Ethereum Mainnet is a bit like training inside the hyperbolic time chamber.

We’ve had tons of gravity pressing down on in the form of high transaction fees. This pressure is good at the beginning, it means that in order to grow, we needed to be truly exceptional to overcome these challenges. However, it’s time to take our destiny into our own hands and take a major step towards hyper-growth.

Ronin is suited up and ready for action.

Land & Item Migration

The first stage of Ronin’s rollout revolves around the migration of land & items to Ronin. As an incentive for migrating early, we’ve created a special limited land item for the migration. The item ID will be determined chronologically based on migration to Ronin. Only those that migrate before March 1st will be eligible for the item.

For the visual learners in our community, we’ve put together a video tutorial for the migration.

Migration Instructions

  1. Download the Ronin wallet for Google Chrome or Firefox. Note that Ronin wallet is designed to work with Metamask, you can have both running at the same time. We will be adding hardware wallet support in a matter of weeks.

  2. Create a fresh Ronin wallet address OR use your existing Ethereum wallet address. If you use your existing Ethereum wallet address, you will use your seed phrase from Ethereum. This prevents anyone from being able to claim your Ethereum wallet address unless they have that specific seed phrase. Please note that creating a fresh address is the most secure path forward for now.*

  3. Attach your Ronin wallet address to your account through your account dashboard.

  4. Press the "transfer to Ronin" button - this will start the migration process of all your land and items.

Later this week, you’ll be able to transfer your Loom ETH directly to Ronin and deposit ETH from Ethereum Mainnet.

The rollout of Axie’s Ronin integration is happening in stages which you can review through the graphic above.

Dappradar Joins As Ronin Validator!

We’re ecstatic that DappRadar has joined Ronin’s validator set! Validators have the important duty of making sure all transactions on Ronin are processed correctly. As a leader in dapp data aggregation and tracking, DappRadar was an obvious choice to join our cause.

Looking Ahead

We know that you’re excited and even a bit impatient for Axies to be transferred to Ronin. The Axie migration will be a monumental moment for the entire community and needs to be done very carefully. Today is a major step towards this frictionless future for our community.

Make sure to leave a 5 star review for the Ronin Wallet!

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* If you have a private key but no seed phrase, you’ll have to create a new wallet for now.