Ronin Public Testnet Release!

Validators Announcement, Bug Bounty

  • Ronin’s public Testnet is live! Ronin is a scaling solution built specifically for Axie Infinity.

  • We’ve launched a bug bounty program with AXS rewards for our Community Developers to help ensure Ronin is ready for Mainnet launch!

  • We’re excited to announce our initial validator set! Validators are the guardians of Ronin, making sure that all data is preserved accurately.

Today’s a day that we’ve been looking forward to for months now. It’s with great joy that we announce the launch of Ronin’s public Testnet!

This deployment follows a successful private Testnet phase and means that our full launch of Ronin Mainnet is getting closer!

What’s Ronin?

We’re here to introduce the world to Blockchain through fun experiences with concrete benefits. The rise of Axie has been an incredible journey so far; we’ve grown alongside our stalwart community to become the most played game on Ethereum.

One issue that’s acted as a thorn in our side has been network congestion. In order for Axie to go truly viral and reach the friends and family of our friends and family, Axie needs a long term scaling solution that broadens access to our revolution.

That’s why we’ve built Ronin — an Ethereum sidechain made specifically for Axie Infinity. A Ronin was a samurai without a master in feudal Japan; Ronin represents our desire to take the destiny of our product into our own hands.

Like a restaurant that produces its own furniture and silverware, we prefer to hand craft the user experience for our players ourselves.

Ronin will make playing Axie fast, seamless, and more fun.

Ronin Key Facts

  • Ronin is an Ethereum sidechain built specifically for Axie Infinity. Each Axie is an ERC721 token represented as a unique digital creature that can be used in a variety of games. So far, there are Axie battles and a kingdom-building game centered around ownership of land plots (Project K). Land and items (artifacts) are also ERC 721 tokens. Small Love Potions (SLP) and Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) are ERC 20 tokens native to the Axie ecosystem.

  • Ronin is currently a Byzantine Fault Tolerant proof of authority(POA) network operated by validators. Validators are appointed by Sky Mavis, the core developers of Axie Infinity.

  • Asset transfers require approval from 2/3 of Validators in order to be approved. Over time, Ronin will be upgraded to incorporate proof of stake elements as well as new layer 2 solutions such as ZK Sync and rollups. These are not production ready for NFTS yet.

  • Validators are responsible for authoring and validating blocks, updating price oracles, and approving deposits and transfers of assets (ETH, ERC20, and ERC721) to and from Ronin. Validators also control the addition and removal of other validators.

Bug Bounty

To kick off the Testnet release, we’re holding a bug bounty program with AXS rewards for our Community Developers to help ensure Ronin has no major bugs. This will run until Mainnet is deployed or the amount of AXS reserved for the program (15,000) is hit. Join the bounty program through the button below!

Ronin Bug Bounty Program

* Please note that the bounties are the for the Ronin smart contracts only.

Ronin Launch Validators

We’re delighted to announce the initial validators for Ronin!

Validators ensure the security of the chain by verifying transactions; they’re the bedrock which we’ll build castles on. Validators are also important partners for growing our community and ecosystem. They’re far more than just the guardians of Ronin!

The Ronin launch validators have the opportunity to support and observe novel experiments that fuse gaming with finance.

Without further ado, here are our launch validators:


Gaming company Ubisoft was the inaugural validator and have been assisting us with Ronin since we joined the Entrepreneurs Labs Program. Their advice and feedback has been critical to get us to this point, and we are grateful for their continued support.


After working closely with Binance for the Axie Infinity IEO we are happy to announce that Binance will be joining as one of the first validators on Ronin. Their reputation in the blockchain space is stellar, and we are happy to call them one of our closest allies. is a bulwark of the NFT space. Since inception, they have been the only data provider focused solely on NFTs. has shown they have the ability to make tough decisions to protect the integrity of this budding space. We’re ecstatic to have them throw their weight and technical talent behind Ronin!

Animoca Brands

In addition to being the lead investor in our seed round last year, Animoca Brands (AB1) have signed on as an early validator. Their expertise in the space and continued support means a lot to us. 


Sparq has experience running validators for a variety of high profile networks. Sparq was also a key participant in our AXS strategic sale and has helped us build out our Phillipines community.

What’s Next?

Upon a successful Testnet period, which we anticipate running for a few months, we will deploy Ronin to Mainnet and then move Land and Land Items from Loom Network to Ronin. Next Axies will be moved over and relevant smart contracts will be deployed on Ronin.

If you’re interested in learning more about Ronin, send us a message here:


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