Season 7 is Live With Balancing Updates!

We’re delighted to announce that Arena Season 7 of the Community Alpha is live! DAI rewards are back!


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Reward Structure

Our Alpha seasons allow Axie trainers of all skill levels to earn tokens for winning arena battles!

25% of the DAI (375) will be distributed to the top 50 spots on the leaderboard. 75% of the DAI (1125) will have a chance of dropping from any arena battle! This means that any trainer, regardless of skill level has a chance of winning DAI!

The season will last two weeks, ending at 10 AM EST on Sunday July 12th!

Remember that 1,000 Axie DAI coins= 1 DAI. 1 DAI= 1 USD.

Please note that each human is only eligible for 1 leaderboard position-based payout. Any attempts to abuse the system will result in a ban from Season rewards.

Polyient Games Founders Keys

We’re also excited to announce that Polyient games will be distributing Polyient Games Founder’s Keys (PGFK) to the top 10 players on the leaderboard at the end of the season! PGFK holders can enjoy exclusive rewards and perks such as access to pre-launch builds in select games and discount on future item sales.

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Balancing Changes

Our balancing philosophy is data-driven while also taking into account feedback & ideas from the community. Below you’ll find some comments on the thought process behind some of the changes.

Energy Steal

One interesting point brought up during discussions was the strength of energy steal cards. For example, despite a couple rounds of nerfs to Serious , it wouldn’t budge from our lists of most commonly used cards. The costs of having an energy stolen are huge and players were being essentially forced to play cards when facing opponents with energy steal. To address this, we’ve made Serious and Rice’s energy steal effects require a combo to kick in. We think this should increase the opportunity cost of playing these cards and make the game more dynamic.


A card that the community has discussed a lot is Doubletalk. Doubletalk first had shield and zero attack which didn’t feel quite right with the ethos of the card. However, people use Doubletalk to bypass shield, so doing a minimal amount of damage to a shield also didn’t make sense. To resolve this issue, we’ve made Doubletalk do 50 “true damage” that ignores shield. We think this will add some nice utility to the card and will be watching if it starts to show up more in team compositions.

Complete Counter with Scaly Spoon & Gavel Ant

Another mechanic that we saw as being very frustrating to play against was the Gavel Ant/ Scaly Spoon combination. These cards, when played together, could basically paralyze Axies, making them unable to attack with ranged or melee cards. We’ve made some changes to Scaly Spoon and Gavel ant to address this mechanic which we’d seen was very frustrating to play against, especially new players.

Anemone, Pocky, and Green Thorns

We’ve seen Anemone at the bottom of the charts in terms of usage for awhile now. We’ve added some attack and additional heal and think this will add some utility to the card.


After analyzing data from its usage we saw that Pocky was another card that hasn’t really found its niche yet. We decided to give it a major facelift and think it should now have significantly more utility. It now boasts a respectable 120 attack with more damage possible for having allied bugs!

Green Thorns’s utility was hampered by the fact that the bonus shield wasn’t added until the card was actually played in the turn rotation during a round. We’ve made the bonus trigger at the beginning of the round and think this will make the card better and more fun to use.

Leaderboard Changes

Based on feedback from the community, we’ve added an additional flat +7 ratings boost when winning an arena match while multiplying the variable rating swing by 70%. This makes the risk reward more compelling for top ranked players to queue more frequently now. For example, let’s say in the old system a top player would have risked 24 points to gain 4 — they would now be risking 24 with the opportunity to gain 10. The formula to arrive at this is 4 * .7 + 7.


Make sure to let us know what you think of the balancing changes in our Discord’s #feedback-suggestions channel!

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