September Development Update

Key Points

  • Axie is the highest revenue generating application in all of crypto over the last 30 days.

  • We’re making great progress on AXS staking and the Ronin DEX.

  • Development on Battles v2 and land is also accelerating.

Axie is the first game owned by the community that plays it. This summer we shocked the world by planting our nation’s flag firmly in the history books. While we’ve seen incredible growth, now is not the time to get complacent.

Sky Mavis and our amazing community must continue to push forward and execute our vision. It’s not always going to be as smooth and easy as it’s been recently. There are going to be traps and pitfalls along the way, but if we stick together, we will continue to make history.

📈 Growth

The Axie nation continues to expand at a blistering pace. Let’s dive into the data:

  • The Axie protocol generated over 300 M USD over the last 30 days. This is more than everything out there except Ethereum. These fees are stored in the Community Treasury which will be owned and governed by all AXS holders.

30 Day Volume

  • Our player economy is larger than any other NFT project’s with more participants than the rest of the notable projects combined.

  • We now have over 1.5 M daily active players! Growth has slowed down a bit from the blistering levels of this summer. Part of this has been us waiting for a major server upgrade which will allow us to handle big growth numbers without experiencing server outages like we had in July. That said, there will also be times of slow/negative growth. This journey is not for the faint-hearted. We will keep pushing.

⚔️ Battles V2

Battles V2 (Axie Infinity: Origin) is an upcoming battle system that will introduce Axie to a brand new audience! Origin will be faster, more dynamic, and will allow people to test a demo of the game before making economic decisions.*This will make it even easier for our friends and family members that have never used crypto to fall in love with Axie!

We have our next internal launch deadline to release Origin to a group of our top battlers. We’re also working on our launch plans.

  • We’re working on the last chapter of PVE adventure mode with some of the concept art and enemy design finished.

  • The team is putting a lot of thought and effort into making the various chapter bosses unique and challenging.

  • Origin’s engineers are working on the PVP system. We will mix up and upgrade the season structure and expand it continuously through future patches.

  • Origin’s game designers are working on stats/abilities for the body parts/cards. We are doing our best to allow the cards to retain the spirit/concepts of their old versions but also add some new mechanics.

  • We’re thinking about how to add even more customization to team and deck-building.

  • We’ve finished about 70% of the new card art.

🌾 Land

The land team welcomed a new game designer to its ranks this month. Land is a fascinating project— there are so many directions it’s development can go:

  1. Crafting, building structures, and harvesting resources.

  2. An open amusement park like experience with many mini-games.

  3. A strategic battle between different armies for control of territory/resources.

The land team met to discuss the path forward and it was decided to focus on (1) and then flesh out (2) and (3) over time.

We’re also spending some time making sure that our new team members understand the economic properties of land and how they fit into our game economy.

🐦 Ronin & Other Updates

Ronin is our scaling solution for NFT games starting with Axie. It’s the most used Ethereum sidechain for NFTs.

  • Ronin now has over 1.5 B dollars in deposited assets.

  • The AXS staking contract is being audited.

  • We now have the design for the Ronin dex (Project X) completed. This is probably the most crucial aspect of our short-term roadmap.

  • We released a new products page as well as an on-boarding guide!


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* This free demo will have no ability to earn tokens as this would open up potential for abuse.