Sky Mavis: Building Digital Nations

A new era for gamers

We're delighted to unveil our new website for Sky Mavis!

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Sky Mavis is laser-focused on bringing property rights to gamers through the creation of digital nations.

Axie Infinity is our bread and butter, it's the core of our mission.

Axie a shining city on a hill that will serve as an example and inspiration for a new generation of game developers to birth games with player-owned economies.

To scale Axie, we've built Ronin— a scaling solution tailored specifically for NFT games. We're pairing Ronin with Mavis Hub: A launchpad to fund and distribute promising projects.

Want to chat about experimenting with NFTs in your game? Reach out to us here:

The stakes are incredibly high. For many humans, games are the future of work and dignified labor. NFT games will be a major new source of digitally native jobs: this is already happening in many countries!

Want to help on-board billions of gamers onto the Blockchain?

We're hiring the grittiest, most talented, and most persuasive people in the world to help us in this epic quest.

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