Star Axies Of The Infinity Cup!

This month we held our first official tournament, The Infinity Cup! We had 140 trainers sign up and duke it out for prizes worth over 3,000 USD including 2,100 DAI graciously sponsored by the MakerDAO team!

I wanted to highlight some of the standout Axies from the tournament and provide some insight into why I believe they were so effective.

Keep in mind that while these Axies may represent strong Axies in the current meta, our game is still just in Alpha and balancing changes may come in the future!

Axie Star #1

Owner: Chuckfresco (Winner)

This plant Axie has it all. Vegetable bite allows it to steal energy from opponents while putting up solid shield. Shroom’s Grace for self-healing. Gas Unleash to poison. Perhaps the most special aspect of this Axie is the fact that it’s as slow as possible and armed with Prickly Trap. Prickly Trap does 130% damage when it attacks last, so this Axie’s minimum speed almost guarantees that when Pricky Trap is used, it’ll pack a major punch.

Vegetable Bite, Gas Unleash, and a self heal are almost unfair when paired together. Why? You force your opponent to use their energy so it can’t be stolen, but unless they take the Axie out, the damage can be healed back. This leads to a longer match where the poison whittles away opposing Axies.

Axie Star #2

Owner: Fuzzylambs (2nd place)

This Axie is a major damage dealer and energy generator. The combination of Imp and Ronin was quite popular in the tournament. Ronin’sSingle Combat always crits when played in a 3+ card combo, whereas Imp’s Ivory Stab generates 1 energy for each crit dealt in a round. Add Nimmo’s Tail Slap on top of this and you get an energy generating bonanza! Hungry bird adds some solid damage and defense that diversifies this Axie’s class advantages.

Axie Star #3

Owner: ChuckFresco

This was one of the most interesting Axies of the tournament and might actually be the MVP. First, it’s a very fast bird meaning that it will almost always attack first in the round. This is especially useful on this Axie due to Early Bird dealing 130% damage at the beginning of the round. Sneaky Raid allows this Axie to bypass the tank and target the furthest Axie, meaning that opponents must be wary of a surprise attack and think twice about spending energy to defend their tank.

Eggbomb combines great damage with solid defense, while also casting the aroma debuff on its user which draws all incoming attacks for the remainder of the round. This allowed Chuck to strategically redirect damage from his front line Axies, giving them a chance to heal or deal damage without worrying about incoming attacks. Balloon Pop was also very interesting on this Axie. When used to attack, Balloon Pop fears its target, preventing them from attacking or defending for 1 turn. This can cause some wasted turns for the opponent.

This Axie keeps opponents guessing and unable to commit to defending their frontline. An Axie like star #4 is great against this Axie since you can put him in the back to defend against Sneaky Raid.

Axie Star #4

Owner: Chuckfresco

This Axie is quite versatile. Vegetable bite makes opponents wary of trying to store energy while boosting shield. Healing Aroma allows this beast to heal itself back up if it takes damage while Slippery Shield can make this Axie almost impenetrable. This Axie is particularly strong against Aquatic and Bird Axies due to class advantage, with Tiny Swing dealing major damage after round 3. In general, this Axie combines major survivability with burst damage after round 3, making it quite difficult to counter. This is boosted by its ability to prevent opponents from storing energy against it with Vegetable Bite.

Axie Star #5

Owner: Benjamin (Sweet 16)

This Axie was very interesting and almost helped Benjamin take out Chuckfresco, the eventual Champion. Quite tanky, this Axie can use Eggbomb to redirect damage away from the frontlines without sacrificing itself. Single Combat, combined with Eggbomb or late game Tiny Swing can take out an Axie in a single turn. This Axie combines terrifying burst damage with decent survivability. Also interesting to note is that with Single Combat, Tiny Swing, and Eggbomb all inhabiting different sectors of the class advantage triangle, this Axie doesn’t suffer from one dimensionality.

Hope you enjoyed this recap and see you in the arena!


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