Axie Video Contest: Over 650 AXS in Prizes!

Greetings Lunacians! Our community has continued to grow at record pace, and we've noticed an uptick in the amount of amazing Axie artwork being shared on social.

Today we are excited to announce the Axie Short Video Contest! It’s the first of many creator competitions to come, with over 650 AXS in prizes across the top 15 winners. Additionally, the first 250 qualified submissions will also receive 5 AXS each just for participating!

For this competition we want to see more of your creative side and encourage a variety of video content to be included in the competition.

Maybe you're a talented storyteller and want to share your amazing origin story getting started with Axie. Or perhaps you've conquered the arena and have the most epic highlights we've ever seen. More comfortable with animation or live music? Then go for it!

We also need help with educational and tutorial content for all of the new players coming into our digital nation!

Whatever type of video you choose to create, we want you to make your entry as memorable, unique, and captivating as you can!

Examples of videos for this contest:

  • On-boarding tutorials for new players

  • Arena gameplay and highlights

  • Axie economic analysis

  • Axie guides for crypto newbies (What is Axie?)

  • Music videos & live musical performances

  • Origin Stories (how you started playing Axie)

  • Animated clips & shorts

  • Comedy sketches & memes

  • Tik Tok

Make sure to check out our new creator guide for guidance!

Here’s some legendary inspiration from our first contest way back in 2018:

Qualified entries must be:

  • Related to Axie Infinity

  • At least 20 seconds, but not longer than 120 seconds.

  • At least 720p quality (preferred 1080p)

  • Shared on Twitter with #AxieContest

  • Free of advertisements

  • Must be a new creation made specifically for this contest


1 Grand Prize Winner - 100 AXS

4 Runner-up Winners - 75 AXS

10 Honorable Mentions - 25 AXS

Up to 250 qualified submissions - 5 AXS


Will be conducted at the sole discretion of Sky Mavis. All judgements are final.

Judging will be based on three equal categories: creativity (33%), originality (33%), and production quality (33%).


July 2, 2021 - Deadline for Submissions

July 9, 2021 - Winners announced on

How To Enter

  1. Use this form to officially submit your video for judging.

  2. Post on Twitter with #AxieContest.


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