Announcing: PvP Arena Season 1 with Token Rewards!

DAI first, more to come!

We’re thrilled to announce that PvP season 1 with 1,500 DAI in rewards is now live!

As always, we thank the MakerDAO team for their support!

With the launch of the Alpha we’ve seen the successful implementation of play to earn in Axie through Small Love Potions (SLP) and the market that’s developed around it. Today’s announcement demonstrates that SLP was just the beginning! The introduction of DAI adds an element of stability to the token rewards that players can earn through gameplay.

This season system showcases the benefits of Blockchain technology by combining the two most popular use cases for Blockchain: Gaming and Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

We want to pioneer sustainable play to earn dynamics in blockchain games, as we believe this benefit can attract everyday users to our fast-growing industry! This is just the first token that will be integrated—we already have two other tokens lined up! If you’d like to have your token added to Axie, please reach out to

Reward Structure

25% (375) of the first season’s DAI rewards will be focused on the PvP ladder and distributed to the top of the leaderboard as shown above (the leaderboard will be reset at the beginning of the season). The season will last 2 weeks, ending on March 1st at 9 AM EST.

In the figure, 1,000 Axie DAI (ADAI) = 1 DAI. On March 1st, you’ll be able to claim your DAI rewards from your account page, just like with SLP.

In addition, 75% of the DAI (1125) will have a chance to drop from any arena match during the season, so any trainer, regardless of skill level, has a chance to earn some!

Please note that each human is only eligible for 1 leaderboard position-based payout. Any attempts to abuse the system will result in a ban from Season rewards.

Season Structure

We are starting out with seasons that last for 2 weeks which will then be followed by a 1 week break. After that, another 2 week season will begin, followed by another 1 week break and so on.

We’ve adopted this structure partly to allow our community tournament organizers to plan their tournaments around it. Since we expect many players will be active in The Arena right before the end of the seasons, it is not recommended to host tournaments during those periods.


Get Involved!

If you’re a new player hoping to become a top Axie trainer, here are a few steps to take now:

  • Join Axie Discord and meet our amazing community! Our top trainers are always interested in fresh faces to compete with and will gladly help you out!

  • Make sure to read the available guides and PvP related content!

  • Start practicing! The best way to learn is by getting some games under your belt in the Arena. The current season is an ideal time to start!


PvP Content/Guides

Check out the guides and articles below for some insight into Axie’s PvP system.

General Gameplay Guide

Star Axies of the Infinity Cup

Axie Battle Archetypes

Axie Defenders (tanks)


See You In The Arena!

The Axie Infinity Team

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[Axie Infinity] Lunacian Issue #15

Leek Inside!

Welcome to the 15th issue of The Lunacian, a periodical covering the latest news & developments from the Axie universe!

If you haven’t already, make sure to join our Discord to meet the rest of our amazing community!

This edition features heavily features community initiatives as we’ve seen a bunch of great contributions on this front recently.

Join Axie Discord

Development Update

  • Patch 1.0.0K introduced “Bloodmoon Curse" & the ability to watch your friend’s battles.

  • We’ve made significant progress on integrating DAI rewards into the Alpha! Enjoy the leak above and look out for an announcement in the coming days!

  • We made our first wave of soft bans to combat the use of bots in our PvE mode.

  • Our Alpha install base is growing at a healthy 15% weekly rate.

  • The total number of Axie holders grew by 12% in January which was the highest rate recorded in Andrew Steinwold’s Zima Red newsletter.

Axie World Video & Meme Contest!

Axie World, a great Axie fan site made by Coco and Clumsier, just went through a major upgrade! To celebrate, they’ve launched a Video Content contest with extremely rare Origin and Mystic Axie prizes!

Find out more here.

Community Tournament Scene Expands!

Leeky Games has announced its first formal tournament, the Leeky Cup! There are over 1,000 USD in prizes up for grabs! Register here.

Axie GG’s fight night qualifiers were a huge success and they’ll be streaming the final on Feb 22nd at 17:00 GMT from Congrats to Dabozz for winning this beautiful Axie for his strong performance!

The first Axie League wrapped up with “ak” taking the MVP award! $100 USD in prizes were distributed amongst the top trainers!

Metalith Launches Mystic Axie Index

Metalith, a group working on demystifying NFT sales data, launched the world’s first Mystic Axie index. The index seeks to summarize the price performance of Mystic Axies based on indicators such as frequency of sales, volume, and median sales price.

Here’s a quote from Metalith’s founder Jmahh:

" I think we're still at an early stage based on the sales volume, but given the rarity of mystics that may be a permanent state. However both in ETH and USD it is clear that they have been a solid investment at the highest frequency (weekly), which I would trust most because it makes best use of the data available."

Axie in the Real World

We’ve been excited to see signs that the Alpha has made Axie more accessible to mainstream users!

We sat down with Muhd Amrullah as he shared insight into on-boarding his friends and family. Read his thoughts here.

Did you know that the wage for public employees in Venezuela is 10$ a month? This has made play to earn especially attractive to Venezuelan users. Check out this amazing story from Venezuelan trainer, Mhitandyr, on his experience with the Alpha!


Calling all New York trainers! Our Growth Lead, Jihoz, will be speaking at NFT NYC next week! Make sure to stop by this Defi Gaming happy hour to say hi and perhaps pick up some Axie merch!

That’s it for now!

The Axie Infinity Team

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How to Get Your Friends and Family Playing Axie!

With the launch of the Alpha, we’ve seen healthy growth in the Axie community and have even started seeing mainstream users learning to play!

This week, we sat down with Muhd Amrullah, an Axie player that’s had a lot of success on-boarding crypto newbies to our application.

Amrullah’s on-boarding efforts first caught our attention when he posted a tweet of outlining his mother’s Axie adventure.


How did your Mom get started with Axie?

Getting mom’s adoption for anything crypto was tough but I had a plan. When I started playing Axie intensely, I made sure the catch music could be heard throughout my household. Everyone in my family got curious: “why isn’t Amrullah at his meetings or out to work?” So I told my mom that I’d play all day and treat her to food with the little Axie-earned ETH I earned. She was like, “that’s possible? From a game?”. So I began showing her how to kill the monsters.

She was very skeptical, but it was on the 3rd day that she came around and started asking me to download the game for her on her phone. With new users, you absolutely want to handhold them throughout during the download process. I had the Metamask mobile wallet set up, and we opened a laptop to look at the 3 Axies she needed. I explained that we should just look for Axies with high damage so we can kill the monsters faster. So she went about looking for it by herself and in 10 mins time, she came back and picked 3 that she liked. I paid for her Axies, and she started playing. But I told her I’ll need those Axies back. So that also worked because she knew that those Axies are inherently valuable.


How did you pitch Axie?

The gameplay with the battle sounds, music and the animations is amazing. That added a layer of fun that immersed my mom. Yes, she shrieks and gets frustrated whenever the monsters killed the first Axie, but good games take you through the ups and downs. Good job on getting the difficulty right!

Fast forward a few weeks, she still plays Axie. Sometimes I needed her Axies back but she always asked for it back by evening. so she could play in between her chores or work.

So key lessons:

  • Play with the music on.

  • Play as much as possible.

  • When someone shows a sign of interest, take the opportunity to download the game immediately on their phone. The game has a natural level of stickiness to it so let them be after that.

  • Let them earn those SLPs. They’ll love it.

The last few weeks had been fun because everyone that met me ended up playing Axie. It was hilarious. The fact that folks were comfortable interacting with Uniswap, Metamask after playing Axie was a big win for me.


What are you most excited about and what will help growth gain momentum?

I think there’s a small and steady momentum of using SLP to bootstrap users in Axie. I totally understand that it started out as an experiment, but I think it had a level of adoption that just means it needs more rocket fuel to it. More ETH or DAI inflow into the SLP economy will help players I feel. One way is to get breeders to prepare the starter Axie pack for beginners and let them pay and burn SLP to have “Promoted Axies” on the marketplace. Everyone’s gonna compete for attention and it can even be sorted with tags. This way the ETH/DAI stays within the ecosystem.

Folks I introduced to Axie are still playing Axie today. They like the gameplay, they like the PvP battles and they like that they are incentivized to keep playing. One thing that lacks is the internal communication experience within the game or out of the game. I’d like to be able to send a link to a friend (this can be a copied link that I can send over WhatsApp or FB to invite for a battle that immediately opens the app for the other party.)

More new animation, more content, more fun-ness too won’t hurt!


Any last thoughts?

Axie filled a gap that I felt was lacking in crypto adoption for newcomers ~ the ability for someone to earn their first crypto in a low pressure, forgiving kinda way. No need to punch in a card, no need to worry about what crypto is.

Perhaps now it’s time to onboard the 1.3 billion people on Earth who are stranded or quarantined at their homes 😉

We hope you enjoyed this interview with Amrullah!

The Axie Infinity Team

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Star Axies Of The Infinity Cup!

This month we held our first official tournament, The Infinity Cup! We had 140 trainers sign up and duke it out for prizes worth over 3,000 USD including 2,100 DAI graciously sponsored by the MakerDAO team!

I wanted to highlight some of the standout Axies from the tournament and provide some insight into why I believe they were so effective.

Keep in mind that while these Axies may represent strong Axies in the current meta, our game is still just in Alpha and balancing changes may come in the future!

Axie Star #1

Owner: Chuckfresco (Winner)

This plant Axie has it all. Vegetable bite allows it to steal energy from opponents while putting up solid shield. Shroom’s Grace for self-healing. Gas Unleash to poison. Perhaps the most special aspect of this Axie is the fact that it’s as slow as possible and armed with Prickly Trap. Prickly Trap does 130% damage when it attacks last, so this Axie’s minimum speed almost guarantees that when Pricky Trap is used, it’ll pack a major punch.

Vegetable Bite, Gas Unleash, and a self heal are almost unfair when paired together. Why? You force your opponent to use their energy so it can’t be stolen, but unless they take the Axie out, the damage can be healed back. This leads to a longer match where the poison whittles away opposing Axies.

Axie Star #2

Owner: Fuzzylambs (2nd place)

This Axie is a major damage dealer and energy generator. The combination of Imp and Ronin was quite popular in the tournament. Ronin’sSingle Combat always crits when played in a 3+ card combo, whereas Imp’s Ivory Stab generates 1 energy for each crit dealt in a round. Add Nimmo’s Tail Slap on top of this and you get an energy generating bonanza! Hungry bird adds some solid damage and defense that diversifies this Axie’s class advantages.

Axie Star #3

Owner: ChuckFresco

This was one of the most interesting Axies of the tournament and might actually be the MVP. First, it’s a very fast bird meaning that it will almost always attack first in the round. This is especially useful on this Axie due to Early Bird dealing 130% damage at the beginning of the round. Sneaky Raid allows this Axie to bypass the tank and target the furthest Axie, meaning that opponents must be wary of a surprise attack and think twice about spending energy to defend their tank.

Eggbomb combines great damage with solid defense, while also casting the aroma debuff on its user which draws all incoming attacks for the remainder of the round. This allowed Chuck to strategically redirect damage from his front line Axies, giving them a chance to heal or deal damage without worrying about incoming attacks. Balloon Pop was also very interesting on this Axie. When used to attack, Balloon Pop fears its target, preventing them from attacking or defending for 1 turn. This can cause some wasted turns for the opponent.

This Axie keeps opponents guessing and unable to commit to defending their frontline. An Axie like star #4 is great against this Axie since you can put him in the back to defend against Sneaky Raid.

Axie Star #4

Owner: Chuckfresco

This Axie is quite versatile. Vegetable bite makes opponents wary of trying to store energy while boosting shield. Healing Aroma allows this beast to heal itself back up if it takes damage while Slippery Shield can make this Axie almost impenetrable. This Axie is particularly strong against Aquatic and Bird Axies due to class advantage, with Tiny Swing dealing major damage after round 3. In general, this Axie combines major survivability with burst damage after round 3, making it quite difficult to counter. This is boosted by its ability to prevent opponents from storing energy against it with Vegetable Bite.

Axie Star #5

Owner: Benjamin (Sweet 16)

This Axie was very interesting and almost helped Benjamin take out Chuckfresco, the eventual Champion. Quite tanky, this Axie can use Eggbomb to redirect damage away from the frontlines without sacrificing itself. Single Combat, combined with Eggbomb or late game Tiny Swing can take out an Axie in a single turn. This Axie combines terrifying burst damage with decent survivability. Also interesting to note is that with Single Combat, Tiny Swing, and Eggbomb all inhabiting different sectors of the class advantage triangle, this Axie doesn’t suffer from one dimensionality.

Hope you enjoyed this recap and see you in the arena!


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Axie Breeding Guide

Breeding & Earning in Axie Infinity

Like real-world pets, Axies can be bred to create new offspring. These offspring battle, breed new offspring, or can be sold on our marketplace.

In order to manage the Axie population, breeding has certain resource requirements.


Each Axie can be bred a maximum of 7 times.

Breeds cost .002 ETH as well as Small Love Potions.

Small Love potions can be earned by playing the game in PvE Adventure mode as well as the PvP Arena. Once you earn them, you can sync them to your wallet from this page.

In the graphic 1 potion= 100 Small Love Potions.

The cost to breed two Axies will be based on the breed count of both parents. For example, two Axies that have 6 breeds each will require 2,600 Small Love Potions to breed. Please note that Origin and MEO Axies do not require Love Potions to breed, although they are still limited to 7 breeds each.


As of January 8th, the cheapest Virgin Axie (0 breeds) costs around .01 ETH which is 5x the breeding cost. This means that with some time and effort, there is a clear path to earning in Axie Infinity.

Here’s where it gets interesting:

Small Love Potions are also tokens which can be traded on the decentralized exchange, Uniswap.

You can buy/sell SLP on the Decentralized Exchange, Uniswap, here.

If you don’t want to use your potions to breed, you can instantly sell them.


Each Axie has 6 body parts as well as a body shape. For each part, an Axie possesses 3 genes. A dominant (D), recessive (R1), and minor recessive gene (R2).

The dominant gene is what determines the body part that is physically present on the Axie. When breeding, each gene has a chance to be passed down to offspring:

Dominant (D): 37.5% chance to pass this gene to offspring.

Recessive (R1): 9.375% chance to pass this gene to offspring.

Minor Recessive (R2): 3.125% chance to pass this gene to offspring.

You can use this calculator to look up the probabilities when breeding 2 Axies.

While we don’t show recessive genes on our website yet, you can view them using this extension built by one of our community members, Freak.


How is Class calculated?

There are no recessive genes for class. Each baby has a 50% chance of inheriting each of their parent’s class when born. So a Beast/ Aquatic pair would have a 50% chance of producing a Beast and a 50% chance of producing an Aquatic. If both parents have the same class, the baby is guaranteed that class.


What should I keep in mind while breeding?

Many players aim to create strong Axies for battle when breeding. This means aiming for good Defenders, Attackers, or Support Axies. Want an overview of the different battle archetypes? Review our gameplay guide here!

Let’s walk through an example.

I recently wanted to breed a strong defender. As a first step, I scanned my collection for Axies that when bred together, would have a good chance of producing an Axie capable of taking a lot of damage. In particular, I was looking for high HP Axies with cards that had either high defense, or self healing as this would allow them to absorb more damage.

I settled upon the two Axies above. Both Axieshave a high HP stat— I generally consider above 54 high HP with 57-61 being very high. They both have self healing capability and at least 3 cards with 80+ defense! One of them was a virgin and the other was bred once, so the breed cost is 300 SLP + .002 ETH. I was very confident that the baby would have a value more than this so I went ahead and did the breed!

Keep in mind that some players just want to create the most beautiful babies possible! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (sometimes).

Mystic and Holiday Parts

There are some parts that cannot be passed down through breeding. As of January 2020, these are Mystic parts and body parts from our special Holiday breeding events.


How Long Does it take for an Axie to become an adult?

Axies take 5 days to reach maturity.

After 3 days, you can morph your Axie to petite and see what genes it has. After 2 more days, you’ll be able to morph it into an adult and use it in battle!

That’s it for now!


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