February Dev Update!

NFT Sales Record | Skyrocketing Growth | Battles V2 & Land Progress

Things are progressing rapidly in the Axie universe! Our movement is gaining size and strength each day.


Incredibly, we’ve been growing at a rapid pace despite the massive Ethereum gas fees. This means that once Ronin Phase is fully deployed, we will experience hyper-growth.

  • We’re now at 20,000 daily active users!

  • We crossed 30,000 Axie holders!

  • Traffic to Axieinfinity.com is skyrocketing.

  • We set a record for the largest NFT sale of all time! The sale was even featured in Vice news! We will continue to shock the world again and again. It’s in our DNA.


Progress on Battles V2 has accelerated. We’ve opened up testing to team members as well as select advisors. Ubisoft believes the new battles are a massive improvement over the current experience! On-boarding, which is our #1 barrier right now has been significantly improved with social login, a fun tutorial, and free starter Axies. Free starter Axies will allow people to start learning the game before making any significant economic decisions. However, their earning ability will be very weak, meaning that free-to-try players will be encouraged to eventually get real Axies of their own.

  • We added social login.

  • Emojis. That’s all we’ll say for now.

  • Completed and polished tutorial

  • Completed first iteration of free starter Axies

  • Defined class archetypes more clearly, especially for secret classes.


We’ve started to define what the future of land play will look like. In the Project K demo, we showed off building, harvesting, and decorating. The next phase of development will focus on kingdom-building, alliances, and fighting for control of territory. This war game can be seen as one game built on top of land with many more to come in the future— some built by Sky Mavis, the Axie core team, and others built by users or other developers.

One of the learnings from Project K is that unstructured group activities such as meetups were also a huge draw, so this is something we’re taking to heart as well.

Long term, user generated experiences will make Land’s potential as an immersive environment truly infinite.

Shoutout to Yield Guild (YGG) for securing their home in Lunacia!


Ronin Phase 1 was a massive success! Ronin is our Ethereum sidechain which will allow us to bring Axie to a much larger player-base.

  • The marketplace for land/items is now live!

  • Deposits of ETH to Ronin are enabled.

  • Make sure to download the Ronin wallet and then migrate your land/items by the end of February for the R0N1N-21 land item.

If you’d like to help our movement, please leave a 5 star rating and helpful review for the Ronin wallet.

If you’re interested in acquiring your home in the Axie Kingdom, please check this land marketplace on-boarding guide.


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The Highest NFT Sale of All Time

$1,500,000 Axie Land Sale 😱

To The Axie Nation & Our Esteemed Allies,

At ~6 PM EST on February 8th, one of our newest community members, Flying Falcon smashed NFT records with the purchase of an epic 9 plot Genesis estate for 888.25 ETH! That's over $1,500,000!

Key Facts

  • This is by far the largest NFT transaction of all time.

  • Genesis land are special, supply-capped plots with a unique aesthetic and special positioning within the Axie land system.

  • The sale happened on the 1 week anniversary of the launch of Ronin Mainnet. Ronin is our sidechain built for Axie Infinity with validators including Binance, Ubisoft, Nonfungible.com and DappRadar.

  • Axie Land (AKA "Project K) is an upcoming game mode with gameplay loops such as building/decorating property, harvesting resources, battling monsters called chimera, and teaming up with friends to conquer rival kingdoms . We released a short demo in December.

Here's what Flying Falcon had to say about the historic purchase:

" We're witnessing a historic moment; the rise of digital nations with their own system of clearly delineated, irrevocable property rights. Axie land has entertainment value, social value, and economic value in the form of future resource flows. As Genesis land plots are the rarest and best positioned plots in Axie Infinity, they were a natural fit for my thesis."

We believe that complex social interactions, fun, and real digital property rights are the three pillars of a Metaverse. Our community is already having fun, socializing, and earning in the Axie universe a sign that a truly special movement is forming here.

If you'd like to start your collection of Axie land, this page has all the info you need to get started!


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⚔️ Season 15 Is Live!

🔷 AXS Rewards!

👀 Wake up your Axies. Vacation is over— Season 15 is live!

AXS rewards are back for their 2nd season, and we’re giving out over 10,000 AXS to the top 200 battlers.*

Remember, AXS represents a real piece of the Axie universe. Owning AXS means you own part of the fees, future AXS staking rewards, and even voting rights. It’s the core pillar of our new nation.


We’ve made 3 adjustments to the game logic:

  • Poison now ticks for 2 damage per stack, down from 3. We saw many players using a 3 yam tank strategy. Combined with “Serious”, this was a bit too strong and reduces fun as you’re forcing your opponent to poison themselves or get their energy stolen.

  • Critical strike rates have been reduced across the board. This is a change that many in the community have been requesting for awhile and should make games a bit less random and more skill-based.

  • Speed of the defending Axie is no longer taken into account when determining critical strike chance. This change was made as Speed is already a very strong stat, due to the central nature of attack order in the battle mechanics.

Battle Education

Want to learn about Axie battles?

Axie.zone has some great info related to the most effective cards and team compositions!

See you in the Arena!


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*In the App leaderboard, 1,000 AXS=1 AXS. We will make this more intuitive in the future.

[Ronin] Mainnet Launch!

Land & Item Migration: Earn A Special Land Item!

  • Ronin, our Ethereum sidechain, is live!

  • Migrate your land/items to Ronin from your account dashboard. There is a time-limited land item for those that migrate with ID based on order of migration!

  • The marketplace for land & items on Ronin will open later this week, potentially as early as tomorrow.

A New Chapter

Over the last 3 years, we’ve embarked on an epic quest to deliver freedom to a new generation of gamers. Recent events have made this quest more important than ever.

While the Axie community has grown exponentially, operating on Ethereum Mainnet is a bit like training inside the hyperbolic time chamber.

We’ve had tons of gravity pressing down on in the form of high transaction fees. This pressure is good at the beginning, it means that in order to grow, we needed to be truly exceptional to overcome these challenges. However, it’s time to take our destiny into our own hands and take a major step towards hyper-growth.

Ronin is suited up and ready for action.

Land & Item Migration

The first stage of Ronin’s rollout revolves around the migration of land & items to Ronin. As an incentive for migrating early, we’ve created a special limited land item for the migration. The item ID will be determined chronologically based on migration to Ronin. Only those that migrate before March 1st will be eligible for the item.

For the visual learners in our community, we’ve put together a video tutorial for the migration.

Migration Instructions

  1. Download the Ronin wallet for Google Chrome or Firefox. Note that Ronin wallet is designed to work with Metamask, you can have both running at the same time. We will be adding hardware wallet support in a matter of weeks.

  2. Create a fresh Ronin wallet address OR use your existing Ethereum wallet address. If you use your existing Ethereum wallet address, you will use your seed phrase from Ethereum. This prevents anyone from being able to claim your Ethereum wallet address unless they have that specific seed phrase. Please note that creating a fresh address is the most secure path forward for now.*

  3. Attach your Ronin wallet address to your account through your account dashboard.

  4. Press the "transfer to Ronin" button - this will start the migration process of all your land and items.

Later this week, you’ll be able to transfer your Loom ETH directly to Ronin and deposit ETH from Ethereum Mainnet.

The rollout of Axie’s Ronin integration is happening in stages which you can review through the graphic above.

Dappradar Joins As Ronin Validator!

We’re ecstatic that DappRadar has joined Ronin’s validator set! Validators have the important duty of making sure all transactions on Ronin are processed correctly. As a leader in dapp data aggregation and tracking, DappRadar was an obvious choice to join our cause.

Looking Ahead

We know that you’re excited and even a bit impatient for Axies to be transferred to Ronin. The Axie migration will be a monumental moment for the entire community and needs to be done very carefully. Today is a major step towards this frictionless future for our community.

Make sure to leave a 5 star review for the Ronin Wallet!

Download Ronin Wallet


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* If you have a private key but no seed phrase, you’ll have to create a new wallet for now.

Player Spotlight: KooKoo!

The rise of Axie will spawn an entirely new generation of Blockchain gaming content creators. Rather than waiting for mainstream gaming influencers to jump onboard, the Axie community has been proactive in fostering and supporting its very own group of home grown talent.

Kookoo from the Phillipines is an up and coming Axie Youtuber. He’s become a vital leader for the community and helped to onboard thousands of grateful Axie players. Let’s learn about his journey!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you get involved with Axie?

I’m a serial entrepreneur traveling around Southeast Asia, mostly in the Philippines, for the business development of some FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) brands from the PH and the US.

I got involved in the Blockchain space during the ICO days of 2017 and got interested, so I started investing in it.

How did you get involved with Axie?

I saw an article from Coindesk that was posted by Peter Ing in his Facebook Group BlockchainSpace last year, Aug. 27, 2020.

I was really looking for activities to divert my focus and attention which could help me with my depression after closing our businesses and while I cope up with the stress of dealing with buyers and suppliers of our new project on global medical supplies for COVID-19 Response.

After watching some videos, two days after I decided to buy 2 Axies in the Marketplace and 2,000+ Small Love Potion on Uniswap to breed them and start my team. I started seeking advice in the Discord server from Filipino players, and fortunately, they’ve been very welcoming and helpful. I made a lot of new friends and started my own YouTube channel to easily introduce the game to anyone who wants to play and earn.

2. What does play to earn mean to you?

Play to earn is simply putting in time and effort by actively playing the game, enjoying it with your newfound friends, and getting rewarded knowing that you have true ownership of your game-assets that can possibly increase in value long-term while you participate.

3. What do you want to see more of in the Axie community?

Definitely looking forward to the land gameplay. After the Project K test, the vision was clear that this will be one of its kind digital nations that other games will follow. I can’t wait to socialize, build communities, play games within the game, and add value to the economy while generating long-term rewards.

4. Axie has taken off in the Philippines, what is the key to getting traction in a new market that might not be native english speaking fully.

Expose. Engage. Entertain. Educate.

Exposure from players doing live streams on different Social media platforms. Blogs, articles, videos sharing their stories, tips on how to get started with Axie, and the benefits of playing it.

Engagement from community members guiding new people about the how to’s and the why’s of this game. Being actively involved in the Discord server, Telegram, and Facebook page/groups like a Kuya (Big Bro) or Ate (Big Sis) helping newbies get started right.

Entertainment comes into play by participating or watching tournaments, giveaways, community-driven content, and other programs that make the game more fun and exciting. It’s not just about farming SLPs or other assets; it’s about having fun with your newfound family and friends while playing.

Education is important, most especially in the blockchain/crypto space. There are many scams out there taking advantage of the ignorance of most people who don't have a clue. The first step to getting involved is ultimately to understand what it is, the technology behind it, and how you can benefit from it. I’m hoping to see more initiatives from the community providing relevant content.

5. What are you and your community members most excited about for the future?

There’s so much to be excited about but I’m most excited to use Ronin. To breed, transact, and do a lot of things without worrying about the transaction fees and knowing that all these activities will benefit the community long term.

6. Do you see the SLP farmers holding AXS at all?

Yes, it has always been my goal to educate more people about the benefits of holding AXS. SLP is just the icing on the cake, and like most people, they will get attracted to the game because of the short-term value from farming it. But holding and staking AXS is knowing how to bake a cake and enjoy the long-term benefits. When you hold AXS, It is true ownership. We’re not just farmers, we are owners, and anyone can help shape the future of the game.

7. What is YGG and what are you trying to accomplish?

YGG or Yield Guild Games mission is to onboard millions of players from around the world into the “play-to-earn” revolution.

It’s time for players to get rewarded by playing blockchain games that they can have ownership and enjoy the benefits of blockchain technology. Turning gamers into investors.

We aim to help the rest of the world get started with playing games and earning money for their contributions to building the new Metaverse economy.

8. What is your personal vision for Axie?

My personal vision is to be a determined and useful guide to others by teaching and motivating them to make an impact and difference in their own special way that will contribute to the massive growth of Axie Infinity.

I dreamed of traveling into different parts of the world, meeting new friends, and hearing their stories of how Axie changed their lives.


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