March Development Update!

Massive Growth, Battles V2, Ronin Progress

It’s finally happening! NFTS are going mainstream and it’s accelerating the growth of our blossoming nation.

  • We hit new highs across all growth metrics this month with daily active users, monthly on-chain users, and marketplace volume all skyrocketing.

  • Battles V2 is progressing nicely— we’re almost done with the initial design for starter Axies and are now ramping up internal testing.

  • We released a new website for Sky Mavis, the summoners of Axie Infinity. Check it out for an overview of our vision. We’re also hiring!


March has been one of the fastest periods of growth ever for the Axie nation.

  • reached 250,000 unique visitors!

  • Our marketplace processed over 10 M USD in NFT volume!

  • Axie holders increased 15% to 37,000 from 32,000 last month! We also saw an acceleration in the number of players using the marketplace for the first time.

  • Our application hit 25,000 Daily active users (still in alpha and not on app stores).


Progress on our expansion and upgrade to the battle system is speeding up.

  • We’re getting close to a completed initial design for free starter Axies.

  • Sky Mavis has set an internal goal for a private Alpha with some of our top players. If you want to be considered for this you should aim to hit the top of the leaderboard and be a leader within the community. Making awesome arena content is also a huge bonus!

  • Archetypes and talents for the classes have been further defined.

  • A revamped UI for Axie and team selection is getting close to completion!

  • The connection between part upgrades, genetics, and in-game rewards is being explored.

  • We’ve made awesome progress on the art for upgraded body parts. Vertical progression will be key to taking your connection with your Axies to the next level.


We believe that we’re on track to deploy Ronin phase 2 at some point in the coming months. This will be a seminal moment for Axie, solving many of our player’s toughest challenges. In terms of an exact deadline, it’s too early to commit a date to the outside world but understand that this is a huge priority for us.

  • We are researching decentralized exchanges so that players can access liquidity for their assets on Ronin itself.

  • We will be deploying an upgrade to the Ronin wallet soon.

  • Ronin is currently storing over 1 M USD of ETH, just the first of many milestones!

  • We’ve completed an initial design for the migration of Axies to Ronin.

The Promised Land

While Axie has grown to become the clear leader in NFT gaming, we will never be satisfied. There remain many challenges and obstacles on our path to onboarding millions of people to this amazing new technology.

Earlier this month, we tweeted out a rough product pipeline. We believe that each of these releases will be a key pillar in the construction of our pantheon of adoption.

In the end, these releases will make sure that Axie becomes increasingly fun, meaningful, and full of opportunity. We couldn’t be more excited for the future and could never have gotten this far without each and every one of you.

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Player Spotlight: MMA fighter Olivier Aubin-Mercier

Members of the Axie nation come from all over the globe and from all professions. We even have an MMA fighter in our ranks!

We sat down with Olivier Aubin-Mercier, an MMA fighter from Québec about his eye-opening Axie experience.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started with Axie.

Hey, my name is Olivier Aubin-Mercier. I’m an MMA fighter and was a UFC fighter for 7 years. Last year I signed with a PFL, a promotion who does a "mortal Kombat" style tournament ( without the killing... thank god ) every year.

The winner of this tournament will win 1 million dollars. PFL decided to take a pause during the pandemic. So this put me in a situation where I didn’t fight for more than 2 years.

Recently PFL announced that they will do an event on April 23. I was super exited but I had 2 problems.

  1. In Québec, it was illegal to train, even for pro athletes.

  2. I had no more liquidity to visit a foreign country to train.

I decided to borrow money from our friend, the bank, and bought a ticket for Puerto Ricco to train with the Danaher Dead Squad. In Puerto Ricco, a good friend of mine who is a crypto enthusiast introduced me to Axie. My friend told me he could lend me his Axies to try the game, so I could decide if I liked the game or not and to make a little extra money. Thats is how I learned about Axie.

2. What are you most excited about for Axie's future?

I think that if the idea of play to earn works, the gaming industry will change forever. Axie could be the first solid project to make it work. Of course i’m exited about Ronin and the free to play mode. Oh and when the is land play happening, Jiho ? Yea I’m excited about that as well.

3. Has play to earn helped you in the real world?

So like I said previously, I borrowed for my training camp and during a training camp it is impossible, if you are serious, to have a side job. So Axie will help me pay for that training camp. The money I earn from farming SLP will be a welcome addition and it’s super flexible, I can play during my free moments while I’m recovering. For example, if i’m in the ice bath recovering, how is it possible for me to earn during that time other than by playing Axie?

4. What makes Axie and the Axie community special, in your eyes?

Simply put, I feel the community believes in the project and understand that they are part of something bigger. They want it to work.

The Discord community helped me a lot when I was getting started, the beginning of the journey can be a bit complex so I think that’s been a hugely important part of the experience.

5. What did you know about Blockchain prior to Axie?

I’ve been primarily a Bitcoin enthusiast. I had some ETH but wasn’t too interested in it.

However I got introduced to NFTs and Axie ( Vitalik should thank you ) so now I’m using Ethereum. During the pandemic, 2 things got my attention:

  1. Crypto.

  1. The lack of physical sport and the rise of Esports. Now put them together and man, we have something explosive on our hands.


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⚔️ Season 16 Is Live!

36,000 USD in AXS rewards!

  • Season 16 is live with 8,000 AXS (~36,000 USD) in rewards for the top battlers!

  • The season will last for 4 weeks and end on April 18th.

  • Use to learn which Axie combinations the top players are using!

AXS rewards are back and we’re giving out 8,000 AXS to the top 200 battlers!* That’s about 36,000 USD in prizes. The #1 spot at the end of the season will earn 400 AXS. Anyone, anywhere, can win this hefty prize. That’s the power of play to earn.

Remember, AXS represents a real piece of the Axie universe. Owning AXS means you own a slice of Axie’s fees, future AXS staking rewards, and even voting rights. It’s the core pillar of our new nation.

Axie has pioneered play to earn NFT gaming, for the first time in history you can actually earn part of the game you’re playing.

Battle Education

Want to learn about Axie battles? has some great info related to the most effective cards and team compositions!

See you in the Arena!


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*In the app leaderboard, 1,000 AXS=1 AXS. We will make this more intuitive in the future.

Sky Mavis: Building Digital Nations

A new era for gamers

We're delighted to unveil our new website for Sky Mavis!

See the new site!

Sky Mavis is laser-focused on bringing property rights to gamers through the creation of digital nations.

Axie Infinity is our bread and butter, it's the core of our mission.

Axie a shining city on a hill that will serve as an example and inspiration for a new generation of game developers to birth games with player-owned economies.

To scale Axie, we've built Ronin— a scaling solution tailored specifically for NFT games. We're pairing Ronin with Mavis Hub: A launchpad to fund and distribute promising projects.

Want to chat about experimenting with NFTs in your game? Reach out to us here:

The stakes are incredibly high. For many humans, games are the future of work and dignified labor. NFT games will be a major new source of digitally native jobs: this is already happening in many countries!

Want to help on-board billions of gamers onto the Blockchain?

We're hiring the grittiest, most talented, and most persuasive people in the world to help us in this epic quest.

Apply Now

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February Dev Update!

NFT Sales Record | Skyrocketing Growth | Battles V2 & Land Progress

Things are progressing rapidly in the Axie universe! Our movement is gaining size and strength each day.


Incredibly, we’ve been growing at a rapid pace despite the massive Ethereum gas fees. This means that once Ronin Phase is fully deployed, we will experience hyper-growth.

  • We’re now at 20,000 daily active users!

  • We crossed 30,000 Axie holders!

  • Traffic to is skyrocketing.

  • We set a record for the largest NFT sale of all time! The sale was even featured in Vice news! We will continue to shock the world again and again. It’s in our DNA.


Progress on Battles V2 has accelerated. We’ve opened up testing to team members as well as select advisors. Ubisoft believes the new battles are a massive improvement over the current experience! On-boarding, which is our #1 barrier right now has been significantly improved with social login, a fun tutorial, and free starter Axies. Free starter Axies will allow people to start learning the game before making any significant economic decisions. However, their earning ability will be very weak, meaning that free-to-try players will be encouraged to eventually get real Axies of their own.

  • We added social login.

  • Emojis. That’s all we’ll say for now.

  • Completed and polished tutorial

  • Completed first iteration of free starter Axies

  • Defined class archetypes more clearly, especially for secret classes.


We’ve started to define what the future of land play will look like. In the Project K demo, we showed off building, harvesting, and decorating. The next phase of development will focus on kingdom-building, alliances, and fighting for control of territory. This war game can be seen as one game built on top of land with many more to come in the future— some built by Sky Mavis, the Axie core team, and others built by users or other developers.

One of the learnings from Project K is that unstructured group activities such as meetups were also a huge draw, so this is something we’re taking to heart as well.

Long term, user generated experiences will make Land’s potential as an immersive environment truly infinite.

Shoutout to Yield Guild (YGG) for securing their home in Lunacia!


Ronin Phase 1 was a massive success! Ronin is our Ethereum sidechain which will allow us to bring Axie to a much larger player-base.

  • The marketplace for land/items is now live!

  • Deposits of ETH to Ronin are enabled.

  • Make sure to download the Ronin wallet and then migrate your land/items by the end of February for the R0N1N-21 land item.

If you’d like to help our movement, please leave a 5 star rating and helpful review for the Ronin wallet.

If you’re interested in acquiring your home in the Axie Kingdom, please check this land marketplace on-boarding guide.


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