The prize pool of 160 AXS + 2 land items has been allocated among the winning artists!
Join thousands of Axie fans at AxieCon in Barcelona this September 🇪🇸
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Join us tomorrow at 8:00 AM for our next Developer Chat with Psycheout, Jihoz, and Zyori!
Axie Infinity: Origin is live on Android Mobile devices!
New Art, Darker Mode, Land Item Art update & more!
We're planning to release a patch for Origin in ~4.5 hours at 3 AM EST. ✨ What’s New - Balancing updates…
An overview of Land Staking Progress
A number of important updates to keep you up to speed with the latest in Axie Esports!
1000 AXS in prizes
Host your own local meetup for Axie Infinity!
Later today, we will be deploying updates to Origin. The game will be down until the update is complete. ✨What’s New: Removed bots from matchmaking in…