Axie Origins has been nominated for Best Card Game by the Game3 Awards!
An unbeleafable event you won't want to miss
Origins is now in maintenance as we deploy a major off-season patch!
As Lunacia grows, we will need to explain the wonders of Axie Infinity to more new players. We loved your submissions from the "What is Axie Infinity…
🥁 It’s time to announce the winners!! 🥁
Watch top Axie guilds battle for eternal glory!
Spamandrice vs. Zaratustra for the Crown!
The Final 16 Starts Now!
One Month Celebration! 🎊 October has come and gone, and our Land owners have enjoyed an eventful first month of Raylights, discovering 302 plants and…
Today we are pleased to announce the schedule and first round of AXS allocations to Axie tournament organizers for Esports Grant #3.
Origins is in maintenance while we deploy a new patch!
Rewards for this Contest include Moon Shards, Moon Dusts, Ancient Moonstones, and a special Sticker.