Esports Grant 3 is here with 160,000 AXS ($2 M) in funding!
Origins Season 1 is here with over 1.5 M USD in AXS rewards and a new mechanic!
Spamandrice Vs. 1437!
We're about to start the semi-finals for the Origins BYOD series! First up:
The official trailer is live now!
Join us in 15 minutes for the “Welcome to AxieCon” kick-off event!
The Axie Marketplace Is Evolving
🥁 It’s time to announce the winners!! 🥁
At 10:30AM GMT+7, we will be deploying a balancing patch to Origin.
Check the preliminary AxieCon schedule! Mystic Holders can now upgrade their tickets!
Origin Season 0 is here! This marks the transition into Phase 3.
A Major Marketplace Update is Live!